SL11B events schedule now available

SL11B first preview
SL11B first preview

Great news is that the SL11B Performance page has now been updated with the master schedule via Google Calendar for SL11B events and live performances. This year you can save/copy your favourite events off by using Google Calendar which is going to be very useful indeed for the next few weeks.

SLURLS for the events can be found in the listings (colour marked) and if you click on the Performance page tab you can select individual stages for the event listings. All times are SLT/PDT.


My blog coverage of SL11B starts from tomorrow at SL11B Press Day, so please stay tuned for that. I can’t wait to see the regions, attend the birthday events and capture the great stuff.

There are now two days left until the grand opening of SL11B community celebration in Second Life and the start of grid-wide celebrations. Please spread the word and get ready for the biggest celebration yet. 🙂

SL11B regions - 2 days left to GO!
SL11B regions – 2 days left to GO!

Are you excited about SL11B ?