SL11B Grand Opening Day – Live Updates!

SL11B Cake Stage

Welcome to my special SL11B Grand Opening Day blog coverage bringing you the latest live updates from the birthday regions.


Live updates will appear below on a regular basis with snapshots.

  • 11:40am SLT: The excitement is building up with 20 minutes left to GO. To mark this special birthday occasion the raising of the flags will be held at 12:30pm SLT. 
  • 11:45am SLT: Here are the events for the opening day of SL11B and please check out the live performances page for more amazing events.
  • 11:50am SLT: Wow, 10 minutes left to GO then the party gets underway and the grid-wide events kick-off
  • 11:55am SLT: The regions are now open!
SL11B regions are officially open!
SL11B regions are officially open!
  • 12pm SLT – Happy 11th Birthday, Second Life and the SL11B regions are ready for you to explore! 
  • 12:05pm SLT: The SL11B regions are filling up fast
  • 12:10pm SLT: The live performances and live music events are now underway. Let’s celebrate Second Life’s 11th Birthday!
  • 12:20pm SLT: 10 minutes until the flag rising event starts (please see map above for locations)
  • 12:25pm SLT: Metaverse Week in Review LIVE is underway now – Latest news and SL11B discussions.
  • 12:30pm SLT: The flags are up for SL11B, Yay!
SL11B flags event
SL11B flags event
  • 12:50pm SLT: High attendance at the SL11B stages and some areas are starting to get busy/lag increasing. 
  • 1pm SLT: Great live music from the main venues at SL11B and there is a huge attendance this year. 
SL11B DJ Stage
SL11B DJ Stage
  • 1pm to 2pm SLT: Special live show of The Drax Files Radio Hour (Draxtor Despres/Jo Yardley) at the SL11B Auditorium.
SL11B Auditorium
SL11B Auditorium

2pm SLT: Check out the Performance page for upcoming live events and have fun. For my snapshots of SL11B, check out my SL Flickr stream






Video of Ebbe Linden talking about a next generation virtual world

Here is the full video of Ebbe Linden at the Third Party Viewer meeting this week talking about Linden Lab working on a next generation virtual world. The meeting was done using voice and live text chat lasting for 2 hours. The next Third Party Viewer meeting is scheduled for 18th July 2014. 

  • Featuring Jessica Lyon, Oz Linden, Dolphin Linden and many more giving out important updates during the meeting 
  • Skip to 51 minutes and 19 seconds to listen to Ebbe Linden. 
  • Latest reactions to Ebbe Linden skip to 1 hour and 39 minutes

It’s really worth watching from start to end to hear all the latest updates and latest feedback on the breaking news from Ebbe Linden.

BURN2 Conception 2014 and SL11B Community Celebration opens today

BURN2 Conception 2014

Today at 10am SLT the BURN2 Conception event in Second Life for 2014 opens to the public. Its time to celebrate 11 years on the virtual Playa and celebrate the amazing success the event has had over the years. The theme for this year is Conception  a time to celebrate beginnings, and a time to celebrate the future. The event runs through until 29th June 2014.

BURN2 Center Camp Stage
BURN2 Center Camp Stage

SL11B Community Celebration

Today at 12pm SLT the SL11B community celebration regions opens to the public and there will be huge party to celebrate 11 years of Second Life. Second Life officially turns 11 on Monday 23rd June 2014. There will be free gifts, live music, pod tours, a big SL11B hunt and 11 sims to explore. The theme for this year is “The empires of the future, are the empires of the mind” by Winston Churchill. The event runs through until 29th June 2014.

SL11B Live Stage
SL11B Live Stage

Other SL11B Grid Events

Visit the SL11B page on the Second Life Destination Guide for more SL11B celebrations across the grid.

Which event are you most looking forward to the most for SL11B ? 

SL Go: SL11B promotion

SL11B SL Go promotion

OnLive have announced a new special SL11B promotion for the week ahead by offering new users a promotional code that they can redeem for 75% off the first month of their SL Go subscription.  Combine that with the 7-Day free trial and they will get 5 weeks of SL Go for only $2.50. Click on the banner image (above) to claim your SL Go discount and enjoy. This offer is only valid between 22nd-29th June 2014.

OnLive official statement:

In celebration of Second Life’s 11th birthday, OnLive would like to offer new users of SL Go 75% off the first month of an unlimited access subscription package.  For those unfamiliar with SL Go, this application can super-charge your old PC or Mac turning it into a Second Life super computer capable of rendering ultra-high graphics at maximum draw distances.  Plus, you can now take Second Life with you on your Android tablet.

To claim your SL Go discount, just click the banner image.  US customers should use the US code, and UK customers the UK code.  Hurry, as this offer is only valid during the week of June 22-29, 2014.

Happy 11th Birthday Second Life from OnLive!

More details visit the official SL Go homepage.