Relay Wizards For SpUnKy + Art Auction & Costume Ball

The Arts Castle
The Arts Castle

This year marks the 7th season for the Relay Wizards for SpUnKyand in Second Life and for the first time there will be a special Art Auction & Costume Ball on Saturday 21st June from 1pm to 3pm SLT. Everyone is welcome to attend the event and bidding opens for the great artwork showcased. Bidding will end on Saturday 28th June 2014 at midnight. The theme is A Journey of Promise and as many know already Relay for Life weekend starts on 19th-20th July 2014.

Featuring donations from Feathers Boa, Bobbi Laval, Bryn Oh, R. Crap Mariner and many more. It’s time to raise money and participate. 🙂


Yay for Relay For Life! 🙂


Background History 

The Relay Wizards for SpUnKy had its beginning eight years ago when Shawna Montgomery and Anhayla Lycia participated in their first Relay. They were not yet part of a team, but wonder-filled observers. After the conclusion of Relay 2007, they decided to form a team of their own. Their dear friend, SpUnKy Young, is a courageous fighter in the struggle against cancer, and they thought to honor her and relay in her name.

Starting with Relay 2008, the Wizards have built their camp to capture the magical theme of the team’s name. During that season’s Halfway There Fair, Relay Wizards raised over 130,000L in 12 hours. They won the RFL Design Award, for Anhayla’s campsite build.

The Relay Wizards continued to work hard raising money and supporting other teams in their efforts. In 2010 their hard work and team spirit were recognized when they were Co-Winners of The Spirit of Relay Team Award.

In 2011 and again in 2012, Shawna decided to sponsor a sim in the memory of her mother, Adaleah, who passed in late 2010. Adaleah respected and loved SpUnKy for her courage and dogged determination to keep going just one more day. Adaleah understood that in the fight against cancer, sometimes we count our victories on the scale of months, weeks, even days. She had brushes with skin cancer, and lost her husband to cancer, so her fear of cancer was something she struggled against. In 2011 We also Relayed in Adaleah’s honor.

In 2011, Anhayla’s Wizard Tower build embodied the Seasons of Hope. With a magical door that took you directly to the tower to reflect for a moment how Hope is reflected by the seasons. A climb from the cold of despair to the warmth of renewal and faith.

During 2012’s Time For A Cure, Anhayla Lycia won the 2nd Place Design Sim Award for her English Garden Design.

As the 2013 Sim Walk approached, Anhayla had committed much of her time to the RFL Sim Design Team, and would not be able to handle that year’s campsite build. With a desire to compete in the Educational Award competition for that year’s Team Camp, Shawna Montgomery reached out to DrFran Babcock. DrFran agreed to join the Relay Wizards and be primary builder for that year’s campsite. DrFran brought in builder Catboy Qunhua. With less than 2 weeks to work, DrFran, Catboy, Thickbrick Sleaford, and Anhayla Lycia produced a wonderful build with informational dioramas and a scripted people mover, surrounding a transdimensional garden filled with magical animals and plants. That year, Relay Wizards were Co-Winners of the 2nd Place CANCER EDUCATION AWARENESS AWARD.

2014 Marks the 7th Season that Relay Wizards Captain Shawna Montgomery and Co-Captain Anhayla Lycia have headed up this magical team. DrFran and Catboy remain with Relay Wizards, and the team began early preparations for their Campsite build based on an image of Fantasy Venice. Relay Wizards hopes you will join them for their first ever Art Auction & Costume Ball on Saturday June 21st from 1-3pm SLT as bidding opens, and they continue their work for A Journey of Promise. As you follow the path upwards to our Dance Floor, please stop and check out the wonderful artwork! Bidding will end on Saturday June 28th at midnight. Some of our donations include pieces from Feathers Boa, Bobbi Laval, Bryn Oh, and R. Crap Mariner.

Award History

2008 Campsite RFL Design Award
2010 Spirit of Relay Team Co-Winners
2012 Design Award ~ Anhayla Lycia
2013 Co-Winners Cancer Education Awareness Award

Until There Is A Cure, We Relay!

Inside The Arts Castle
Inside The Arts Castle