Inside the Firestorm team interview

On 2nd June 2014 the Firestorm team Jessica Lyon, Ed and Lette were interviewed by Designing Worlds where they discussed the background, the history of the project, how the team operates internally, how they recruit, provide support and much more. The interview lasts for 1 hour, 14 minutes and 29 seconds full of the latest insights from the creators of popular third-party Firestorm viewer.

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11 days to go until SL11B

There are now 11 days until the grand opening of SL11B Community Celebration and good progress is being made in terms of building to get the regions completed on time.  I’m much looking forward to SL11B Press Day and the bif SL11B grand opening next weekend. This year there will be 11 SL11B regions to explore and enjoy. There will be live music, a big hunt, pod tours, attractions to visit and much more. There will be greeters at the welcome area helping new visitors find their way around the SL11B regions. The countdown is underway and the excitement is building up as the days go by.

What’s New This Week

  1. Pick up a new SL11B limited-edition avatar
  2. New SL11B category on the Second Life Destination Guide

Come celebrate Second Life’s eleventh anniversary extravaganza at SL11B!

Timeline of upcoming events for SL11B

  • Wednesday, June 18, noon SLT: Sims close to builders
  • Saturday, June 21, noon SLT: Press day
  • Sunday, June 22, noon SLT: SL11B opens!!!
  • Sunday, June 22 to Sunday, June 29: 
  • SL11B open with performances!!
  • Monday, June 23: Official 11th Birthday!!!
  • Monday, June 30 to Saturday, July 5:
  • Sims will remain open for viewing. No performances.
  • Sunday, July 6 to Tuesday, July 8: Breakdown
  • Wednesday, July 9: Sims go offline

SL11B map – (11th June 2014)

SL11B regions map
SL11B regions map

It’s almost time to celebrate the big 11th birthday of Second Life and I’m sure you are excited about attending this year. It’s going to be fantastic and worth the wait hopefully. 🙂