Signup For The SL18B Music Fest

On Friday 5th March 2021 Linden Lab announced some good news about the upcoming SL18B Music Fest which will be held Thursday 17th June until Saturday 19th June. The SL18B Music Fest will kick off the SL18B celebrations with three exciting days of live music performances. This year marks it’s 7th year annual event.

I can’t believe Second Life will turn 18 in three months time. I guess Second Life has reached almost adulthood. So much has changed over the years since the public opening of Second Life back in June 2003 (beta times). Second Life is still alive and will hopefully be around for many more decades to come.

Linden Lab have opened the signup process for auditions for SL18B Music Fest. Applications will remain open until 28th March 2021. If you are a music performer in Second Life then this is a great opportunity to participate. The lab will review all submissions and follow up on audition invitations via a note card inworld.

More details will be revealed soon for SL18B including how to participate as an Volunteer, Exhibitor, Merchant, Performer and more.


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