Eddy Ofarrel World Map

Eddy Ofarrel World Map

As many know already the World Map in Second Life has not been fully fixed and hopefully the lab will fix this sooner than later. It’s not been working since late 2020 (October/November time) and the last update from the lab was 21st January 2021 on the Second Life Status page saying that there is not an ETA.

Update – Now that Uplift has finished we are working to restore the map tile functionality. We still do not have an ETA, but please follow this blog for updates and thank you for your patience!
Jan 2111:23 PST

The World Map

Eddy Ofarrel has had a go at creating the World Map based on the standard Second Life web-based map API with a few tweaks. Region names show up in the bottom left corner of each region and Eddy has made it so it’s only limited to only the first two zoom levels. It’s worth pointing out here at the moment new region map tiles don’t show up yet. It’s possible to click on any region and teleport straight into Second Life.

The Zoom Part

Eddy mentioned that “the zooming part was just a very simple tweak to the existing script and doesn’t fix the underlying issue on the server side. I have got a bunch of ideas for ways I could improve it further though, so I’ll start working on those tomorrow“. It will be great to see what new ideas Eddy can come up with starting this week.

There is no Search for particular regions or area of the map. Eddy will be adding more functionality in the next few weeks. Eddy says this below on the world map via the Second Life Forums.

I’ve just had a go at doing exactly that… well, kind of. It’s based on the standard Second Life web-based map API, but with a few tweaks (everything beyond the fully-zoomed-in level seems to be non-existent there now). It doesn’t actually do any gluing together of images, but it does allow you to zoom further out using the fully-zoomed-in images rather than trying to load the others that don’t exist. The disadvantage of that (compared to using specific images for each zoom level as it’s meant to) is that it will put a lot more load on your browser (and the server serving the map tiles) the more you zoom out, so I’ve limited it to only zooming out by two levels, at least for now (i.e. 3 zoom levels total)

I’ve also added names to the bottom left corner of each region to try to match the in-world map, but that also requires a separate request for each region to a Second Life server, so I’ve limited it to only the first two zoom levels and then the names will disappear after that (which is sort of like the in-world map does anyway)

I realise it’s probably not that much use right now, particularly as there isn’t (yet) any way to search for/load any particular region or area of the map, but I will add more functionality in the next few days if anyone thinks they would actually find it useful (bearing in mind that the one thing I’m not in a position to do anything about is getting the map tiles to actually update, as much as I would love to help with that)

Eddy has showed interest in willing to help fix this World Map particular issue. Hopefully the lab will offer Eddy a job to get the map to work again.