The process of adding new regions to the Bellissaria continent


On 16th August Quartz Mole responded to this question how long does it take to copy a few hundred trees and boats? on the Second Life Forums. Quartz gave an very interesting explanation I think on how LDPW Moles add new regions to the Bellissaria continent. Quartz makes it pretty clear on the different stages that needs to happen before any particular region or group of regions can be released. Each region has to get the green light (pass) along with several QA inspections in the process. Above each region is the LH REGION status marker showing how each region is coming along.

When you see a new batch of regions added on the new continent each new region has to be terraformed, divided up into parcels and roads need to be built. Then the houseboat slips come in followed by the decorating phrase. If there is any spare land then the Moles will add new community areas around the new areas. It does take some time to finish the new regions and the LDPW Moles are working pretty much flat out. Quartz mentions that the terraforming and decorating of the regions is done with attention to detail along with so much care so it looks awesome by the end.

Quartz explanation response…

Each region in Bellissaria is unique,  designed and laid out individually.   When we make new regions to add to Bellissaria, we start with a completely new one, flat as pool table and completely featureless. Each one needs terraforming and dividing up into parcels, and roads laying,  and slips for the boats, and then decorating with trees, flowers, rocks, fences and whatever else for the parcels and then some general landscaping on the remaining LDPW land plus some community areas building here and there.   

That’s all done by teams of LDPW Moles, working together, and pretty much flat out.    It involves several passes, and several QA inspections at different stages in the process. That’s what takes the time,  and it’s because the terraforming and decorating is done with such care and attention to detail that the regions look as good as they do.    

I’m not sure who the users are that you think generate and create the content on Bellissaria — everything we put out on a region is made and scripted by LDPW Moles, and those of us who work primarily in content creation for Bellissaria rather than setting up the regions are already well advanced into creating items for future themes.   

Just look at the great progress the LDPW Moles have made since early June 2019 (everything within the blue circle below). The central land mass, the Bellissaria fairgrounds including the 2nd new airstrip and the new Pickle island that has been created since early June. The Moles have added tons of new Linden homes, new Houseboats, new waterways, new community areas and much more since then. 

It’s great to see the Bellissaria community getting bigger every week. There is still huge demand for the new homes and it’s going to take some time before everyone gets a home. There will be more big releases coming up probably before the end of 2019. 

Home Releases: The best and fasted way to get a new Linden home or new Houseboat is to check the land selection page for “Bellissaria” on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as they are the release days at the moment. It will show briefly at different times of the day apparently. I still think the lab need to completely revamp the whole land selection page with live status updates on when new homes are available. 

Q4 2019: The Bellissaria continent will be expanding south in the months ahead with new themed areas, new community areas, new homes and houseboats. I am really excited to see what comes next. 

I’m predicting that the Bellissaria continent could be completed in early 2020. Perhaps before the spring.  

On 20th August 2019 will mark one year since the first SSP regions came online. I’ll be doing a special blog post looking back at the first year.

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