New Linden Home Security System Available

Today Patch Linden posted a small update about a new and improved version of the Linden Homes Security system which rolls out now. It’s packaged inside the Content Pack via the home rezzer Life Buoy or Mailox. Check it out 🙂

This new version now includes the following features…

  • 1 Land Impact – You asked for it and here it is!
  • Menus – Now uses a dialog menu system to create and manage an access whitelist. NO MORE NOTECARD!
  • More Admins – You can name one or more people who will have permission to administer the security system.
  • Sky Alert  – If you are using the security system in a skybox, it can notify you when someone is hovering within 1000m for more than 15 seconds, even if they are not close enough to be ejected by the system.

Please spread the word 🙂