New Snapshots Of The Old Linden Home Continents

Old Linden Homes land selection page

The old Linden Homes are still worth exploring as there is so much to discover across the continents. These old Linden Homes are still available on the land selection page if you wanted a home in Second Life while the Bellisseria continent is being built.

There are many beautiful areas to live across the old Linden Homes continents from parks, water areas, sandboxes, infohubs, themed areas, underwater areas and much more. Yes, there is alot of empty homes. The lab could make them cheaper or even free so folks can move into them.

It would be lovely if all the old Linden Home continents could merge together and put next to the Bellisseria continent. There would be plenty of choice in terms of themed homes, areas to visit, events and more. One super-massive Linden homes continent on the grid instead of it being spread out all over the place. There is space to do this with some adjustments. 

Just think of the all of the roadways, bridges, docks, water regions/oceans, airports, railways that could all be connected up. 

I hope Linden Lab don’t shut these old Linden Homes down next year or the year after. There are hundreds of nice regions which would deeply impact the overall total amount of main grid regions if it faced closure. The Second Life economy health is at risk here. 

There is huge opportunity here both new Linden Homes and old Linden Homes in the long term. 

Meadowbrook Infohub

Enjoy clean, simple living in one of these California Modern style homes.


Tahoe Infohub

Escape to one of several rustic cabin retreats. Perfect for camping or an outdoorsy getaway.


Elderglen Infohub

Venture forth and behold several fantasy-themed dwellings designed to bring out the adventurer in you.


Shareta Osumai Infohub

Surround yourself with peace, serenity and good fortune in one of several traditional Japanese-style homes.


Nice little areas around the old Linden Homes.

Underwater area at Hiwa

Kabu Bridge

Tahoe Eagle

Katsuo Dock

Poll: Should Linden Lab keep the old Linden homes on the grid ?


Linden Lab Launches New Second Life Blogger Network

On Thursday 26th September Linden Lab officially launches the brand new Second Life Blogger Network (SLBN) which aims to promote high-quality independent blog content to the Second Life community. This is a good way to be featured on the Second Life social media channels and the Second Life Community pages and soon on the official Second Life Viewer login page.

This is a new initiative run by Linden Lab which aims to promote content like “how-to tutorials, fashion makeovers and/or looks, community and event news and destination walk-throughs” along with much more.

This is a great opportunity to reach a wider audience if you run your own Second Life blog. This new program is free and non-exclusive. More traffic to your blog is always a good thing.

How is this going to work ?

The Second Life Blogger Network aims to drive traffic directly to your own blog via summaries of and links to curated posts selected from participating bloggers including the use of a brief text intro using the opening sentences of your post and usually one related image from the post. Readers will be directed to click through a link that directs them to your site to read the entire article or blog post.

Interested in participating ?

  1. Review the SLBN Terms & Conditions and Content Guidelines. This initiative does not aim to influence the editorial content of your independent blog, but we do have standards for the text and image content of those posts that we will promote. For example, images with nudity and/or copyright-violating content will not be considered for promotion.

  2. If you want to participate, fill out the submission form and consider adding the optional Second Life Blogger Network badge to your website. You can grab the badge and learn about guidelines for placement here.

  3. Once you have opted-in, you are eligible to participate! We will then watch your blog for consideration for potential inclusion in our curated Community News thread and social media channels.

  4. Linden Lab staffers will frequently review posts from participating bloggers. While not all of your new posts will be selected each day, we do aim to promote several entries during the week from the pool of participating bloggers.

  5. Want to opt-out and no longer participate? Simply let us know by selecting the opt-out notification on the submission form and we’ll stop monitoring your blog for our curated news thread.

What are your views on the new Second Life Blogger Network ?

Will you opt-in ?


Lab Gab Epsiode 3 With Kess Crystal

The big news from Epsiode 3 is that the launch of the new SL Blogger Network (SLBN) will either be announced later on today (26th September) or tomorrow on Friday 27th September on the official Second Life blog. Details will be released on the requirements needed to join SLBN along with terms and conditions. This will be one centralised place where everyone can find SL bloggers.

Kess Crystal talked about the history of the blogger network and ways they help bloggers connect with the Second Life community. Sounds very interesting indeed and this is a great opportunity for all bloggers to reach a wider audience.

> This will be a Opt-In

> Basically It’s going to be a feed, where bloggers can sign up and the lab will put your blog on a list. Hopefully there will be categories for the different types of blogs etc.

> The lab have said they will take the first couple of sentences of the blog post and the image. People can then click through to the full blog post. Content will be on Second Life social platforms. Phrase 1 starts this week.


Are you a Second Life blogger looking to expand your reach to a wider audience? You’ll want to consider joining the new Second Life Blogger Network (SLBN). This new initiative will promote high-quality independent blog content to the Second Life community.

Are you excited about the new Second Life Blogger Network ?

Return Of Last Names Now On The Second Life Roadmap (End of 2019/2020?)

On 24th September 2019 Linden Lab posted a tiny bit on the return of Last Names almost hidden away in the middle of the blog post. The latest new status is now “Stay tuned for updates on when to expect the return of Last Names“.

Here is the only section relating to Last Names..

More to come!
There’s more in the works, too! Stay tuned for updates on when to expect the return of Last Names, availability of a new mobile app beta, changes to Premium options, improvements to Events, Search, the Destination Guide, and much more.

It’s good the lab are still thinking about returning Last Names but giving no projected time estimations on when that will happen is just not good enough sadly. During the past year including the recent Second Life birthday celebrations the lab have been saying “it’s still being worked on” and there are still complications associated with this process.

It would be nice if the lab could let the Second Life community know in-depth on the progress it’s making. I’m guessing we may hear something before the end of 2019 or early 2020 at the latest. It could possibly be rolled out before then. Linden Lab should of never got rid of Last Names in the first place I think.

Don’t forget the lab promised this was going to happen last year at number 7 in the list via the fifteen reasons to celebrate Second Life 15th birthday blog post.

7. The return of Last Names – You’ve asked for it (a lot!), so we will provide a way to customize your last name in Second Life! More details will be available later this year.

I ran a poll earlier in the year back in April 2019 and here are the results..

The poll received 57 votes and 93% say YES they want to see Last Names return again.

Here is a new poll set up today below to see if the overall opinion has changed or no…

Poll: Should Last Names Return ?

Press Release: Reimagine Sansar as an Immersive Destination for Gaming, Commerce & Live Events

Linden Lab released a new press release on 24th September announcing a new vision and a new chapter for Sansar.

2019-09-24 00:00:00 UTC

Virtual Expression Reaches New Heights as Sansar Unveils New Story, Design & Partnerships

SAN FRANCISCO – September 24, 2019 – Sansar®, the premier destination for virtual worlds, today announced a new vision and major product innovations that push the boundaries on exploration, immersive storytelling, and user-created content. Thanks to new features and functionalities – including a redesigned avatar editor, an XP and titling system, new core worlds, and first-of-their-kind partnerships with SanrioLevi’s, and EDM heavyweight Spinnin’ Records – Sansar has reimagined itself as a vast, user-created virtual multiverse, complete with a rich backstory, characters, and quests. No longer simply a platform for virtual reality, Sansar is now an oasis for self-expression, live events, and creation in a virtual world, where players can shape the narrative as it unfolds.

To mark this new chapter, Sansar is collaborating with visionary brands on several marquee live events this week. These include BUNKR LIVE: STEVE VOID & JAY PRYOR, 10 AM PT on September 25, a global celebration of the Fnatic esports brand and joint effort with Virgin EMI that blends esports and entertainment, featuring new sets from DJs Steve Void and Jay Pryor; a new meet-and-greet with NITRO FUN, 12:30 PM PT on September 25, where the Monstercat artist makes his return to Sansar ahead of Monstercat’s weekly Call of the Wild radio show; and LIVE AT THE NEXUS: BLASTERJAXX, in partnership with Spinnin’ Records, 4 PM PT on September 26 – the first show in an ongoing series, featuring a headline performance from the DJ duo Blasterjaxx.

“Spinnin’ Records is proud of the collaboration with Linden Lab and the upcoming event with Blasterjaxx in Sansar,” says Steven de Graaf, Commercial Director for Spinnin’ Records. “This new and innovative way of music entertainment is something Spinnin’ Records really wants to embrace and explore more and more. The music of Spinnin’ Records and Gaming in general are a great match, and for our DJs, a great way to get in contact with new fans.”

Sansar is also debuting a new world from Sanrio, SANRIO WORLD, complete with interactive games and merchandise – all in anticipation of Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversary in November and Sanrio’s 60th in 2020. The Levi’s® Hello Kitty capsule collection will also be featured as well with the ability to link out to their online customization for Levis X Hello Kitty. Fans will be able to demo SANRIO WORLD live at Twitch Con 2019, at booth 317 – September 27-29 in San Diego.

This new vision cements Sansar’s place as the innovator of live events in the virtual space. As countless performers can attest, no other game or social VR platform has the interactivity and revenue capabilities that Sansar offers. With more collaborations on the horizon, Sansar is continuing to push the envelope on virtual events and commerce, with a slate of new music partnerships to be announced soon.

In turning this page, Sansar is also enriching the user experience with new layers of mission-driven gameplay. All users now land at the Nexus – the new central world in Sansar, from which all other worlds can be discovered – and meet Agent Primus, a sentient AI and core character in the Sansar universe. As their guide, Primus assigns them quests that unlock rewards and help introduce new elements of the Sansar story, including other characters. As they complete more quests over time, users can level up and gain access to player-driven guilds sorted by quests, activities, and interests – all thanks to new capabilities for XP and progressive titling.

Through an all-new avatar editor, Sansar is enabling deeper levels of immersion, creativity, and roleplay. With expanded capabilities for bone deformation and blend morphing, this new feature takes self-expression to new heights, letting players create avatars that look as fantastic or realistic as they choose. They control who and what they are, and how they tell their story.

“From the beginning, it was important to us that our users felt empowered to create and explore on their own terms. With this more focused vision, we’re strengthening our foundation for user-generated content – giving people more tools to create with, a clearer path to follow, and more impetus to explore,” says Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Lab. “It feels amazing to turn this page, and to continue the Lab’s legacy as a pioneer in virtual worlds. We’re one step closer to making the dream of the metaverse a reality for all.”


About Linden Lab
Linden Lab develops platforms that empower people to create, share, and benefit from virtual experiences. Founded in 1999, the company first launched Second Life, the groundbreaking virtual world enjoyed by millions around the globe, in 2003, which has since gone on to boast nearly two billion user creations and a vibrant $500 million (USD) economy. The company further expanded its portfolio in 2017 with the public beta of Sansar, a free platform making virtual worlds more accessible and immersive, available on Windows PCs and compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. For more about Linden Lab, its products, and career opportunities, visit its website.

What’s next for Linden Lab ?

Within the past few hours or so the lab have posted a big blog post announcing What’s Next for Linden Lab ? which goes into detail on what the lab have been working on recently and what’s upcoming on the roadmap. This is a must read if you love Second Life!

The lab will release updates very soon “on when to expect the return of Last Names, availability of a new mobile app beta, changes to Premium options, improvements to Events, Search, the Destination Guide, and much more”.

Sounds very interesting. I can’t wait.

Here are the latest updates for Second Life and Sansar…

Second Life

New Features & Enhancements
Over the past year, we’ve shared our plans to add multiple new features and enhancements to Second Life. Our engineering and product operations teams are continuing to do the heavy work on making these and other improvements available as fast as possible.

We’ve already delivered Animesh, which allows independent objects to use rigged mesh and animations. We’ve been having so much fun watching residents’ creations come to life! So far, the creator community has developed over 1,300 animated objects on the Marketplace.

Bakes on Mesh
Just last month, we released the official Bakes on Mesh-enabled Viewer, the last piece of the Bakes on Mesh project. To learn more about this cool new capability, watch the video below!

We’re also getting the Environmental Enhancement Project (EEP) Viewer into shape to promote to our default official Viewer. EEP is a series of new customizations in the environment rendering system that will allow for the creation and sharing of advanced environment settings, including up to four different sky layers which can be set independently.

EEP We’re also getting the Environmental Enhancement Project (EEP) Viewer into shape to promote to our default official Viewer. EEP is a series of new customizations in the environment rendering system that will allow for the creation and sharing of advanced environment settings, including up to four different sky layers which can be set independently.

Migration to the Cloud
We have been hard at work moving the services that bring you Second Life from our existing data center to cloud hosting. Our goal is to make almost all of it seem invisible to you; in general we won’t announce that a service has been moved until it’s been working in the cloud for a while. Some things already qualify, though: Your inventory data has been in the cloud for quite some time, and the maps website moved a little while ago. We have several more things that your viewer uses that are being tested internally now, so expect more updates in the next couple of months. We are very excited about the new product possibilities that cloud hosting will enable.

More to come!
There’s more in the works, too! Stay tuned for updates on when to expect the return of Last Names, availability of a new mobile app beta, changes to Premium options, improvements to Events, Search, the Destination Guide, and much more.

Linden Homes

We continue to innovate and expand upon our Linden Homes offerings. Recently we debuted (and quickly sold out of) new Traditional and Houseboat styles…we’ve been making more to accommodate the incredible interest these generated, and now we’ve introduced the newest theme: CAMPERS!

Clustered in central Bellisseria, the new Camper regions offer a secluded, rural environment, with more nature and parcel privacy than the previous themed locations. We’ve already seen amazing creativity in decorating and customizing these campers from our Residents.

Like all Linden Homes, these are first-come, first-served, so keep checking for availability and act fast to claim yours if you see any available!

New Growth Initiatives

Second Life Blogger Network
Are you a Second Life blogger looking to expand your reach to a wider audience? You’ll want to consider joining the new Second Life Blogger Network (SLBN). This new initiative will promote high-quality independent blog content to the Second Life community. More details coming soon!

Halloween & Community Events
One of the most popular holidays in the Second Life community is Halloween – and this year we’ve got a bunch of tricks and treats that are sure to delight (or is it fright?) Second Lifers. Residents can expect a mix of new events, freebies and other spooky surprises throughout October – including a special haunted edition of the Swaginator!

New Video Programming & Ad Campaigns
Eagle-eyed Residents may have noticed a flurry of activity on our official YouTube channel and other social networks, which are now filled with dozens of new community-focused videos aimed at better showcasing the diversity and creativity of the Second Life community. More than  30 episodes of our weekly “Second Life Destinations” series have already debuted this year with many more to come!

Extra & Behind the Scenes

There’s also our ongoing “Made in Second Life” series, which goes deeper to discover the people behind the avatars including explorations on themes as varied as romancegaming and education. Many episodes of “Made in Second Life” and “Second Life Destinations” are also trimmed down into 15- or 30-second ads.

In addition, we’ve started the first of several new initiatives that involve live streaming programming about Second Life. First up is the recently announced bi-weekly talk show “Lab Gab.” (Don’t miss the next episode on Wed. at 3 p.m. SLT/Pacific).

Finally, we’ve already started production on a new round of video tutorials aimed at new, intermediate and advanced Second Life Residents. Our own Strawberry Linden serves as your guide to topics such as “Getting Started,” “Shopping & Buying Linden Dollars,” and “Customizing your Avatar Shape.” Each video is also translated into multiple languages, too. Check out this playful clip to see if you can identify each language:


Today Sansar introduces new features including improved avatar editing, experience points and titles, and new core worlds. We also have first-of-their-kind partnerships with several established music and entertainment companies. Now with a rich backstory and new quests, Sansar has come a long way since it debuted in beta in 2017 and is worth a second look!

Staying Connected With OpenSim Happenings

Since the closure of Google+ back in April 2019 it’s been hard for people to find out what’s going on across the OpenSim grids. There were many useful OpenSim Google+ communities that were sadly closed down.

I personally liked the OpenSim Virtual Google+ page as it was a great source to find out about everything. It’s a shame it’s all gone now. In general the OpenSim community is scattered all over the place. Today there are ways to find out whats going on via MeWe, Discord and Diaspora.

Latest grid statistics for September 2019

Big news for OpenSim users that use Firestorm

Handy list of train stations at the new campers area

Here is a handy list of railway station locations around the new campers area as of 23rd September 2019. I’ll update this blog post when more becomes available. 

# 1 – Somerville Station >

# 2 – SSPE260 Rez Zone

# 3 – The Beaten Path Station > Beaten Path/84/91/31

# 4 – Campwich Station > Forest/75/54/42

At the moment everyone can rez a train at SSPE260 rez zone and ride the line from west to east and then again the other way. If you are in a train at the end of the line it will auto flip you around at the moment. 

The Moles are working to extend the railway line, add new stations and hopefully more rez zones in the weeks ahead. I can’t wait. 

The railway signals work alright and region crossings seem to be fine at the moment. 

Train crosses the railway bridge
Active railway network light signals
Bugs Bunny on a tram exploring the double tracks section
Can’t wait for the line to be fully completed

A walk up Tawakoni Hills

Visit Tawakoni Hills to enjoy amazing views of the new trailers/campers, the waterways, the train tracks and the surrounding areas. Set the draw distance to max and have a good windlight setting activated. 

The new trailers were made available on Tuesday 17th September 2019 on the land selection page and within 24 hours they were all sold to new owners. I love this new area of the Bellisseria continent and the Moles have done a fantastic job. 

Spend your weekends here! 🙂

First Preview of the new area Campwich and Trailers/Campers

The first batch of new regions opened this morning south of the Bellisseria continent on Monday 16th September. Check out the new Campwich Station, Forest and Lodge. There are trailers/campers nearby to view. The regions will be opening up in phrases.

First Preview

New trailers/campers nearby
Campwich from the air
The new train track
Campwich Lodge
Inside Campwich Lodge
Panda awaits for the train at Campwich Station

I’ll be blogging more about these new regions shortly…