Two screenshots showing Project Sansar pre alpha posted on Facebook

On the Project Sansar News Facebook page there are two screenshots posted today by יעקב חיים אביטן showing Project Sansar in pre alpha. On the right hand side there appears to be Sansar user interface buttons seen for the first time. The detail in these screenshots look really good and in the months ahead I’m sure more screenshots will be released.



What do you think of these two screenshots of Project Sansar pre alpha ? 

For those that are interested you can now apply for the Project Sansar Creator Preview


3 thoughts on “Two screenshots showing Project Sansar pre alpha posted on Facebook

  1. These screenshots are from my blog. I have no idea how they came to Facebook. I can’t open the link in your post.

    The screenshots are from a video that Ebbe Altberg presented yesterday at the Collision conference (see also here). In this video, Ebbe showed about 30 seconds with several inworld scenes from Sansar, but with a very fast scene cutting.

    I suppose they will upload Ebbe’s presentation after the conference on the Collision channel on YouTube. I myself found the Sansar scenes not very exciting. Nothing we do not already know from SL.

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