Feedspot Top 30 Second Life Blogs To Follow In 2020

Check out Feedspot Top 30 Second Life Blogs and Websites to follow in 2020 which is a good list of well known blogs from within the Second Life community. Feedspot is where you can read all your favourite websites in one place.

Recently I submitted my blog to Feedspot and I can announce that my blog is now featured in 13th place. My blog was selected by Feedspot panelist and now it’s marked as one of the top 30 Second Life Blogs on the web. Hopefully my blog will rise in popularity in the months ahead.

Here is the rank order as of 4th June 2020. This list is updated on a regular basis. You can keep updated about what each blog offers, the frequency of posts, social engagements and the latest posts. 

  1. FabFree Fabulously Free in SL
  2. Inara Pey
  3. Oh Look! It’s A Blog!
  4. Second Life Community Blog
  5. Bits & Pieces of SL A little bit of everything of my time in Second Life
  7. Nalates’ Things & Stuff
  8. Designing Worlds
  9. Cherri’s SL OnFleek Picks
  10. Reddit – Second Life
  11. CisumWebMagazine
  12. Abby & Olivia in SL
  13. Daniel Voyager 
  • 14: Magick Thoughts SL
  • 15: Decorating and other stuff. Decorating your Second Life
  • 16: Pretty Things, Nice Life!
  • 18: Wretch blog
  • 19: Sadwolf Photo
  • 20: Graceful Class and Elegant Sass
  • 21: My Twin Life | A Second Life Blog
  • 22: Softpaw the Fairy Cat of Second Life
  • 23: Sinful Pixels | Second Life Fashion Blog
  • 24: Roxaane’s Moonlight
  • 25: Second Story
  • 26: Chey’s Second Life Blog
  • 27: Rhat Glam Doll
  • 28: I’m Amelie
  • 29: Arti Love | Second Life Blogger Photographer & Model
  • 30: Evangeline Arcadia’s Second Life Adventures

Here is the confirmation email I was sent recently…

Hi There,

My name is Anuj Agarwal, I’m the Founder of Feedspot.
Thanks for submitting your blog Daniel Voyager on Feedspot.

I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Daniel Voyager has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 30 Second Life Blogs on the web.


Please spread the word about Feedspot.


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