Linden Lab Retires Some Last Names From Round 1

On Tuesday 16th June Linden Lab announced that they are retiring some of the last names from the first round. So far Linden Lab have been receiving good feedback since the return of last names back in April 2020. 

Here is the list of last names that will be retired from 25th June 2020. You can still claim them now until the deadline above. 


Linden Lab plans to update and change the available last names on a regular basis.  However the lab takes a number of factors into consideration on making the decision about “when to change up the names, most importantly how popular, or unpopular, a name is”. 

The lab finishes by saying this in the blog post..

All residents that have purchased name changes using these last names will retain ownership of the name, but no more additional purchases of these names will be available. 

If you wish to claim one of these last names for yourself, now is your last chance! Be sure to do so no later than Wednesday, June 24th, as the names will no longer be available for purchase. 

Simultaneously, ten new last name options will be made available for purchase. These new names will be announced upon release, so stay tuned!

It will be interesting to see the next 10 new last names options which will be announced soon.