Peter Gray confirms Sansar is the official name going forward

According to Peter Gray (Pete Linden) who is the Lab’s director of global communications has confirmed this week that Sansar is the official name going forward. Special thanks to Inara Pey and Jo Yardley for confirming this.

The Sansar website has been updated to “” and I would imagine future press releases from the lab will refer it as “Sansar“ instead of using Project Sansar. We will have to wait and see.

The lab uploaded four new screenshots on Flickr of Sansar on 31st August 2016 and I think they look really impressive. We are now four months away from the public release of Sansar and I hope to try out the new platform early next year. Can’t wait! 🙂

Courtesy of Linden Lab
Courtesy of Linden Lab
Courtesy of Linden Lab
Courtesy of Linden Lab

What do you think of the four new screenshots (above) ?


9 thoughts on “Peter Gray confirms Sansar is the official name going forward

  1. I am really not impressed by the highly stylized photographs that LL has been sharing with regards to Sansar. Most of these have been a bit gloomy in appearance. Not sure how this will capture people’s initial interest to “venture into the unknown”

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    1. Thanks Rockridge for your comment on Sansar.

      In a way it’s good that the lab are sharing something rather than nothing on Sansar in terms of photographs. It’s still early days with four months to go. I think it would be nice to see interesting sneak preview videos of Sansar in the months ahead.

      The question is what impact will this have on Second Life when Sansar opens to the public in early 2017 ?. I hope it will be worth the wait and something the community can enjoy.


  2. I agree! If you don’t capture peoples interest they are just going to say “Just something else boring.Oh hum.”

    Unfortunately similar disappointments about Sansar have continued since mid 2014. I keep hoping something intriguing will be announce but it never shows up. I will be glad when Sansar officially debuts at the end of this year and watching its slow speed train wreck will be closer to over.

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  3. Daniel,

    I hope so. I’m not holding my breath though. The drips and drabs that have been been coming out since “Project Sansars'” initial announcement do NOT inspire confidence!


    1. There are four months until launch if goes to plan so hopefully the lab will increase confidence for those still not sure about Sansar. I’m hoping it will be worth the wait.

      Whatever happens I’ll be sure to blog about it good or bad.

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      1. Great Daniel! Yours is a blog I trust.

        I hope the lab reads your blog because this is really intended for them. I do think four months to have Sansar even passable is very optimistic. If there are a LOT of changes I may try it in quarter 4 of 2017.

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