L$ 5, 655, 870 Linden dollars raised for Fantasy Faire 2014 so far

According to the Relay for Life of Second Life totals page Fantasy Faire has raised L$ 5, 655, 870 Linden dollars so far. Fantasy Faire is now in 4th place on the totals page for Second Life fundraising. There is still time to shop and donate over at the 11 sims.

This year the annual Fantasy Faire in Second Life was wonderful and enjoyable. There was huge interest for the event and far more support I thought. I personally loved walking and flying around the 11 sims viewing the great builds.

This time last year Fantasy Faire went passed the L$3, 583, 791 Linden dollars mark and that was awesome. I received 35 votes in total for the Fantasy Fair 2013 experience rating poll with 68.57% (24 votes) saying they thought it was excellent. 

What did you think of the Fantasy Faire 2014 ?