InWorldz fast approaching the 100, 000 total signups milestone

InWorldz signups stats
InWorldz signups stats as of 10th May 2014

Within the next week or so InWorldz will reach the 100, 000 total signups milestone and it will set a new historical record. It’s fast approaching for sure and hopefully there will be a big party to celebrate this huge achievement. I can’t wait to see the day when InWorldz will reach the 100, 000 registered total users mark.

I signed up to InWorldz on 2nd September 2010 and these were the stats from back then. I’m pretty much looking forward to my 4th rezday in September 2014 and looking back InWorldz was one of the first grids I signed up. Since then InWorldz has grown in size and popularity. So much has changed for the better I think and I’ll look forward to future developments which I can’t wait to blog about.

InWorldz login screen 2010

InWorldz Total Users Historical Milestones

It’s took around four years to the reach 100k for the InWorldz grid so I would imagine in another four years it will reach 200k if rates continue as they are now. InWorldz grid continues to grow at a steady pace and thanks to the founders for making InWorldz more amazing each year.






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