New records set for Fantasy Fair 2013

This year has been very successful and more popular than previous years I think. Elizabeth posts a big Thank You post  on the Fantasy Fair 2013 official blog. I personally enjoyed walking around the ten sims and seeing unbelievable builds.


There has been good blog coverage on Fantasy Fair 2013 and on other social networks. The sims were fully packed with people and everyone seemed to be very friendly to each other.

New records have been set and Fantasy Fair 2013 was stronger this year than in previous years. Elizabeth mentions the SL community coming together and breaking new records.

In the past ten days, we as a community have done what we never expected to do. One by one we blew through our goals. We broke records. We proved that even though economies may be struggling, commitment has never been stronger.

Elizabeth mentions the Fantasy Fair 2013 came within a half of a million lindens which amazing news.

We are within half a million lindens of being the most successful fund raising event to ever take place within a virtual world.

Fantasy Fair 2013 raised funds so far as of 1st May 2013

  • Total: L$ 8, 783, 157
  • Kiosk Total: L$ 15, 741


Fantasy Fair 2013 was the best so far in my experience and hopefully future events will break records in Second Life. Did you visit the Fantasy Fair 2013 and what are your views about the event this year ?

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