Happy 5th Birthday Metaverse Week In Review

Metaverse Week In Review is now 5 years old and it’s time to celebrate five years of amazing tv coverage of Second Life every Sunday afternoon (at 12pm SLT). The first broadcast was on 12th September 2007 which was presented live through Operator 11 and now its streamed through Livestream. Visit http://www.livestream.com/metaworld2 > Sundays at 12pm SLT. It’s one of the longest tv broadcasts in Second Life and so much has happened since the start.

Metaverse Week In Review hosts called Mal Burns and Tara Yeats have done a great job on keeping everyone updated on SL news, virtual worlds and opensim etc over the years. 12th September 2012 marks the 5th birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday! 

40 days and counting until BURN2 2012 in Second Life

There are now 40 days and counting until the grand opening of the yearly BURN2 2012 festival in Second Life. Recently the BURN2 team announced that all parcels have been sold and that the parcel lottery is closed. Check out the new 2012 BURN2 Camp Directory for information about the leaders, parcels, locations and descriptions.

BURN2 2012 volunteer signup

BURN2 2012 starts on Saturday 20th October until Friday 28th October 2012. This year there will be six regions for BURN2 2012 and preparations are taking place to get things in place for the event next month. Today I took a snapshot of the six regions for BURN2 2012 showing work is ongoing.

Support BURN2

Burn2 is community supported, so how about showing some burner love?! Any amount will help.

Linden dollar donations can be made directly to m2 Burner, which is the BURN2 fundraising avatar. You can also make donations through PayPal to the email address b2fund@burn2.org.

I’m really excited about BURN2 2012 in Second Life and it’s going to be fantastic. Have you been to BURN2 in SL before? Are you looking forward to BURN2 2012? Feel free to post in comments below! 🙂