LA Gallery Of Fine Arts is closing down in Second Life

Lana Simondsen has announced today the famous LA Gallery Of Fine Arts is closing down in Second Life which is very sad news to hear about. LA Gallery Of Fine Arts saw hundreds of visitors checking out the wonderful gallery. It’s been a really good place to go to in Second Life and its going to be missed alot. The reason for closing down is still unknown but I hope to find out soon.

Today it’s looking empty and you know something is going to happen to this place next. 😦

Telport to LA Gallery Of Fine Arts

Beautiful gallery set in amazing Myrtle Cove.  Home and gallery of Leo and Lana Eleonara.

The closing down announcement via group notice.

Tuesday,04 Sep 2012 01:03:18 GMT

As owner/curator of LA Gallery Of Fine Arts it has been my pleasure to be able to share the work of some of the most wonderful artists in SL. Unfortunately the gallery is closing. I want to thank so many people who have been supportive and encouraging in the year the gallery was open… You know who you are and I send you my sincere gratitude.

Lana Simondsen Eleonara


Visit the London 2012 Olympic Park in Second Life during the Paralympics

Visit the Official London Olympics 2012 Olympic park in Second Life today and check out the London 2012 / Paralympic Cauldron. The Olympic park in Second Life is authorised by International Olympic Committee. It’s fantastic and really worth exploring the venues!

Paralympic Games 29 Aug – 9 Sept

Snapshot of the London 2012 Cauldron

Snapshot of the inworld Olympic park in Second Life.

Map of the venues to check out.

Tell me what you think of the Olympic Park in SL/RL? 🙂