New videos of Creatorverse for the iPad & Patterns

On 18th September 2012 Linden Lab released a press release post announcing two of four new products that will be released in late 2012 (Q3 & Q4). Here are two new videos of the new products from the lab which you should watch and enjoy. It looks like fun and looks really interesting to try out when released.


Creatorverse is Linden Lab’s first tablet app! As you tinker, play, and explore on your iPad, you become an inventor, designing unique creations and then setting them in motion. Your creations come to life as you play with different joints, forces, motors, teleporters, and more. From the simplest bouncing ball to an elaborate pinball machine, the possibilities are endless in Creatorverse. Check it out in this video from our CEO, Rod Humble:


Patterns is a new 3D creative environment to explore and shape, where you can build large-scale structures that reach the sky, bridges that traverse chasms, and more, all while the pull of gravity challenges your construction techniques.


Nonprofit Commons 5th Anniversary in Second Life

Nonprofit Commons will be celebrating it’s big 5th anniversary this Friday on 21st September 2012.  Nonprofit Commons is a well known nonprofit organization in Second Life (5 sims). Every friday there are normally meetings held at the Plush Nonprofit Commons Ampitheater at 8:30am SLT where many topics are debated.

Hosting free virtual offices for nonprofits setting up in SecondLife.  We also hold weekly meetings on nonprofit activities in SL. Come visit us (at our other sims, ALOFT, Eco, and Health).  

There will be many events during the day including workshops, dance party and meet & greet. Festive party formal dress is apparently encouraged during the 5th anniversary. Check out this Nonprofit Commons 5th Anniversary poster.

Come along and enjoy the party celebrations! 😀