Sansar Live & Recent Usage Statistics 2018

Galen who is a very talented programmer over at Metaverse Machines (MM) has a really interesting webpage for live Sansar statistics including charts for daily, weekly and monthly peak/average numbers. There is also a chart for the number of Sansar experiences built over time.

I think that this webpage provides a more accurate picture on the usage stats for Sansar at the moment. Check it all out below 🙂

Live Sansar Stats

As of 1.56pm SLT today these are for listed experiences only.

  • There are 1,073 experiences listed
  • There are 17 people in 11 listed experiences now
  • Today’s peak is 26 and average is 10 people
  • 11 experiences visited these past 3 hours
  • 74 experiences visited today
  • 126 experiences visited this month

Sansar Experiences Most Active Right Now

Sansar Visitor Charts

The following charts come from data collected using a publicly available API. We take a snapshot of all currently listed experiences and how many people are in them approximately every 10 minutes. The “peak” lines represent the highest concurrent head-count across all experiences measured in those snapshots across the whole day (or week). The averages are computed by adding up the total head-count measures for each day (or week) and dividing by the number of snapshots. The gaps between each snapshot make this data imperfect but very solid. To avoid visual confusion, today’s data is excluded.


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