Halfway There Event Weekend is here – May 16th & 17th

RFL Halfway - Centre Stage 2015_

RFL Halfway – Centre Stage 2015

Starting at 4pm SLT today marks this year’s Halfway There Event Weekend in Second Life and there many exciting activities happening. The opening party will be held at the center stage from 4pm followed by a full weekend of fun activities including dance parties, tribute events, raising money events and much more.

Check out the event schedule below and please spread the word :)

Halfway There Weekend 2015

Halfway There Regions 2015

Saturday 16th May 2015 – SLT

  • 4pm – 5pm           Opening Party                             Centre Stage
  • 5pm – 6pm           The Purple Man Group              Centre Stage
  • 6pm – 7pm            Dance Party                                 Centre Stage
  • 7pm – 9pm            Garth Brooks Tribute Band      Centre Stage

Sunday 17th May 2015 – SLT

  • 6am – 8pm           Team vendor, raffle, random riot & gotcha’s and silent auction – Happening in various locations
  • 10am – 11am        Halfway There Award Presentations! – Centre Stage
  • 11am – 8pm          RFL of SL Team Events
  • 2pm – 3:30pm    Abba Tribute Band
  • 3:30am+               Relay Rap

Location (SLURL)

RFL Halfway - Centre Stage 2015

RFL Halfway – Centre Stage 2015

SS Galaxy is returning soon

SS Galaxy

SS Galaxy regions

As many know already the famous SS Galaxy ship in Second Life closed down after 8 years earlier this month and the regions are no longer accessible. The closure marked the end of an era but there is exciting news on the horizon because it’s going to be modified so that Linden Lab can place it back inworld as a Museum soon.

The ship will be open for visitors in the near future and the ship will be preserved as a piece of Second Life history so thats the good news at the moment. More information will be released soon.

Changes ahead!

  • No previous management or crew will be aboard 
  • No rentals or events will be hosted
  • The ship will exist in a museum state 
  • Linden Lab takes ownership of the sims

On Tuesday 12th May 2015, DBDigital Epsilon who is the former Manging Director of SS Galaxy said this in a recent blog post

Dear Supporters and Friends of the SS Galaxy,

There have been many rumors cycling regarding the Galaxy and what really happened.  I can’t release that information as of yet.  However, I can now say that the SS Galaxy has been acquired by Linden Labs and will return.  She is currently undergoing retrofitting to sail under the Linden Labs flag.  I have been tirelessly converting all the transferable prims I personally owned to Linden Lab ownership, and my part of the project is now complete.

Sadly being under Linden Lab’s flag also means that none of the previous management or crew will be aboard in any sort of capacity.  I have also been told there will be no rentals or events.  This means she will not quite be the Galaxy you know and love.  But she will still exist in a museum state and be open for visitation in the near future.

More information will be released as I can.  I wish to thank everyone again from the guests, to the staff, and beyond.  You all made the Galaxy the special place she was, and no one can take that from us.

DBDigital Epsilon
Former Manging Director
SS Galaxy

Stay updated on the SS Galaxy here

SS Galaxy ship

Highlights: The Basilique Linden Lab inworld meetup

Basilique Linden inworld meeting

The inworld meetup today with Lindens and Residents

On Thursday 14th May 2015 between 1pm to 2pm SLT Linden Lab hosted a special inworld meetup at the well known Basilique region with the Second Life community. This time over 100 avatars attended (104 was recorded at one point) and many Lindens stopped by to chat. There were discussions on SL12B, SS Galaxy the next generation platform and many more topics.

There was a live stream via YouTube of this inworld meetup and the meeting was done using text chat. There will be more meetups in near future and I hope to attend those. I did crash a few times but managed to take snapshots of the meeting.

Here are my snapshots of the meetup from today.

Linden inworld meeting 2015

More than 100 avs attended

Linden inworld meeting

The wondering owl attends the meetup

Linden inworld meeting_005

Linden inworld meeting_003

Linden inworld meeting_010

Visit Basilique here

Linden Lab inworld meetup starts today at 1pm SLT at Basilique

Breaking News

Today at 1pm SLT head over to Basilique where Linden Lab will be holding a special inworld meetup with the Second Life community. Everyone is welcome to come along however please arrive early as the region will most likely be full around 1pm ish.

Basilique Town - Home to Paradise Lost in Second Life

Basilique Town – Home to Paradise Lost in Second Life

Basilique is a lovely town set in northern Italy. Visitors are invited to walk the leafy square and waterfront piers, relax in the bar or cafe, and row around the lake before enjoying wonderfully immersive theatre produced by the Basilique Performing Arts Company. Visit http://bit.ly/thebasilique for more information.

Basilique Town - Home to Paradise Lost in Second Life_004

Basilique signpost of great areas to visit

Xiola Linden confirmed this meeting spot via the official Second Life forums on Wednesday 13th May 2015.

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for all of the great suggestions/recommendations. There is certainly no lack of incredible spots for us to explore in future meetups!

The location for this meetup has been decided and its going to be held at … Basilique! See you there at 1 PM SLT tomorrow – May 14th, 2015!

The last Linden Lab inworld meetup back in March 2015 was a huge success and there was a massive attendance. Basilique is a great choice to host a inworld meetup and it’s going to be exciting to see what happens this time. :)

Basilique Town - Home to Paradise Lost in Second Life_003

Come and check out Basilique!

Second Life Music Festival planned by Linden Lab for SL12B

Xiola Linden announced today on the Offical Second Life Blog that there will a Second Life Music Festival happening in celebration of the Second Life 12th anniversary. The lab are inviting musicians from across Second Life to participate and perform at one of the biggest celebrations in Second Life. It’s a paid gig apparently and you can sign up to audition here if you are interested. Submissions must be completed before Wednesday 20th May 2015.

  • Musicians will be selected to audition and will receive further instructions via email  
  • Successful musicians will be invited to perform a 30 minute set then receive payment 

Then the auditions goes public at Lavender Field on May 22nd (12pm-2pm SLT) and May 23rd (6pm-8pm SLT) 2015. It should be great fun and very exciting for those taking part!

Second Life is turning 12 this June, and we’re planning a few extra special ways to help commemorate a dozen amazing years with our Residents! You’ll have to stay tuned to this blog and our social media pages for all the exciting things as they roll out, but today we’re announcing auditions for … (drum roll, please) … the Second Life Music Fest – sponsored by Linden Lab – a two day music-extravaganza inworld to celebrate!

Second Life is full of talented musicians, and we’re hoping to draw out all you guitarists, bassists, drummers, singers, tambourine shakers and other music makers to come audition for the festival. All genres are welcome!

The Second Life Music Fest is an opportunity to perform at one of the biggest celebrations in Second Life, and it’s a paid gig!

To sign up for an audition, please complete and submit the submission form no later than 05/20/2015. While we encourage everyone to sign up, it is not a commitment on your part and does not guarantee a spot at the auditions. We will review all submissions and extend audition invitations via email to the designated contact. Each invited act will have a short audition time (5 minutes max) to play and leave an impression on a panel of judges made up of Lindens and Residents. This panel will select acts to be invited to perform at the Second Life Music Fest. Upon completion of a half hour slot at the festival, the designated contact for each act will be eligible for payment (subject to Linden’s terms and conditions).

If you are a musician in Second Life then this is a huge opportunity for you. Spread the word :)

Bright Canopy the journey so far

On 10th May 2015 a new blog post was published on Bright Canopy’s First Month and it’s worth a read if you are following the latest developments for Bright Canopy.

As many know already Bright Canopy will support Second Life and OpenSim during the public launch. Bright Canopy is currently in closed beta with early access starting from 12pm SLT on Tuesday 19th May 2015. The cost will be $1 per hour and soon the service will let you use credit cards as payment.

I have signed up to Bright Canopy for the launch and still waiting for an invite. I know that the Second Life community see Bright Canopy as the next big thing after SL GO and many can’t wait to test our the new service.

Here are the latest updates from the blog post 

  • There has been spectacular community support almost from the first day (beta) including the Q&A session
  • Bright Canopy worked with Frame to validate the core service
  • Bright Canopy nowadays is a sustainable service rather than a demo
  • Payments, metering and metrics now in advance of the Pre Launch are being worked on
  • The team are working with rights holders on licensing and IP questions and chasing down attorneys with four separate firms to find the best fit for Bright Canopy’s legal needs

The Pre-Launch

  • The pre-launch is scheduled for 12pm SLT on Tuesday 19th May 2015
  • The aim is to solve the technical problems and to ensure that streaming virtual world viewers is a viable business.
  • There will be an hourly fee set at less than one dollar (USD) per hour.

What comes next ?

  • The team is working on bidding strategies, avoiding adding any unnecessary overhead, and even working with Amazon
  • Pricing will remain the hardest thing to be resolved
  • The aim is to grow Bright Canopy from a seed into a mighty larch.

Stay updated on the latest news via the Bright Canopy official blog.

Fantasy Faire 2015 raised L$7, 910, 480

The Fantasy Faire 2015 ended earlier this month in Second Life and this year it raised L$ 7, 910, 480 (US $31, 642) for Relay-For-Life. For more RFL of SL events visit the Totals Page.

This year was a huge success and everyone should be very proud on the totals so far this year.

Well done everyone! :)