2018 exciting events happening in Second Life

There are many exciting events to look forward to during 2018 in Second Life. This year it’s going to be pretty awesome. There will be huge anniversaries, fund-raising events, live music/concerts events, new grand openings, Linden supported events and more.

Around the clock there are of ton’s of live events happening in Second Life all year around. Here are some of the most popular key events happening this year in Second Life…make sure to add these to your calendar!

Upcoming Events

Other Events – dates still yet to be confirmed…

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Pete Linden Leaves Linden Lab After 9 Years

Pete Linden leaves Linden Lab after 9 years – 2016

Breaking News

According to Inara Pey & New World Notes it looks like Pete Linden (Peter Gray  known in real life) has decided to depart Linden Lab after nine years. Peter Gray was Linden Lab’s Senior Director of Global Communications. Pete will be moving on to a new role with the communications team at Facebook AI Research. Pete is going to be missed by all members of the press in Second Life, the wider Second Life community and the lab most importantly.

Pete Linden has served under four Second Life CEOs including Philip Rosedale, Mark Kingdon, Rod Humble and currently Ebbe Altberg. Pete Linden has made special appearances over the years at well-known Second Life events including VWBPE annual conferences, the Second Life birthday celebrations and taking questions from audiences at the Meet the Linden interviews which have all been hugely successful. Pete was involved with Blocksworld and Sansar in recent years too.

The big question now is who is going to replace Peter Gray to deal with Linden Lab communications ?

I wish him all the very best in his new role at Facebook and I would like to say thanks to him for the past nine years.

Pete Linden and Ebbe Linden – 2014

Pete Linden & Rodvik Linden – 2011

Good luck Peter 🙂

Second Life Private Estates Net Losses Was Lower During 2017

Weekly net change in private estates for 2017

It’s been another bumpy ride for private estates in Second Life during 2017 but according to the latest update by Tyche Shepherd the Second Life grid lost 677 private estate regions in total which is a 4.0 loss in 52 weeks. Back In 2016 the net loss was much higher standing at 992 private estates lost. Back in 2015 the net loss was 819 (4.4% loss).

The good news from this is that the weekly net loss change in private estates has slightly dropped since 2015 but it’s still high though. There hasn’t been a lot of positive net growth for private estates in Second Life since then either as you can see from the graph above. It would be nice to see more positive region growth during 2018 in Second Life.

End of 2017 Second Life Regions Update 

  • Total Main Grid regions – 23, 332
  • Total Private Estates – 16, 106
  • Total Linden Owned – 7, 226
  • As of 31st December 2017

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