Second Life Daily User Concurrency Drops Slightly Since May 2022

The Second Life daily user concurrency has dropped slightly since May 2022 it appears. At the start of 2022 the maximum for online users was averaging around the 55, 000 mark and during the past month or so it’s been averaging around the 51, 000 mark.

I don’t think we will see the daily user Second Life concurrency reaching 60, 000 this year unless something big happens. I think the maximum peak levels could average between 54, 000 to 57, 000 in the winter months.

August 2022 Update

  • Maximum (average): 49, 000 – 51, 000
  • Average (average): 38, 000 – 40, 000
  • Minimum (average): 27, 000 – 32, 000

It’s nothing much to worry about at the moment as this is the 2022 summer period where the yearly average drops abit until the winter months where the daily concurrency numbers normally start rising again.

I will be keeping a closer eye on the Second Life user concurrency levels during the last four months of 2022 and I will certainly blog again if any noticeable changes happen.

Past Year

Past year user concurrency levels

Past 60 Days

The past 60 days seem to be following the same trends between 27, 000 (min) to 51, 000 (max) for the daily user concurrency levels in Second Life.

Past 60 days user concurrency levels

I will publish my next Second Life Statistics blog post in October 2022. Stay turned for that.


Bellisseria Officially Connects With The Satori Continent

Bellisseria continent joins officially with Satori continent

On Monday 15th August 2022 the Bellisseria continent officially connected up with the Satori continent in Second Life. The water connection regions are “SSPSteady On” and “SSPDeep Anchor” which are open to the public now to travel between the continents. As you can imagine loads of people have been sailing and flying between the continents on their new travel adventures. Have fun everyone.

Recently a huge amount of SSP development regions went offline so it’s unclear if there will be many more Linden homes releases this year. So far in 2022 the Bellisseria continent has grown more than 200+ regions it’s estimated with new Linden homes, hangout areas, water areas and much more.

Two New Airstrips

There are two new merged airstrips in the SSPShell Yeah region worth exploring if you have some spare time. It’s worth mentioning that nearby regions are still being worked on by the moles and will be finished soon.

Two new airstrips

What direction will the Moles take the Bellisseria next ? Please feel free to share your views in the comments section below.

SSP Development Regions nOW sHOWING Up aS “oFFLINE”

SSP Development Regions – 12th August 2022

For most of 2022 there has not been really much activity going on over at the SSP development regions which is mainly used for the Moles to work on the next Linden Home theme (closed to the public). Almost all of the regions when clicked says invalid location so who knows what’s going on.

This week 98% (at least 60) of the SSP development regions are now showing now showing up as “offline” which is a huge development change I think. There is a small amount of SSP regions left in the area now and in nearby areas. It looks like the Moles may have a new plan for the future of SSP development regions.

It’s unclear what will happen to the SSP development area going forward and if they indeed go offline in the days ahead it would be a small decline in total regions for Second Life for this week.

SSP Development Regions – 12th August 2022

For the rest of this week and next it’s worth checking these SSP regions to see if they remain on the grid or go offline.

More updates soon! 🙂

Newbrooke: New Land Mass Arrives

New SSP regions arrive on the grid

Within the past 12 hours or so at least 12 new SSP regions have arrived just north of the Newbrooke sub continent. They are not showing up on the world map yet but they do show up on the Mini-Map if you expand it. The region names do appear if you put your mouse over it for a few seconds or so.

The region of interest is SSP Tiedown Inlet because it’s got a deep channel facing the Stromberg region (possible connection point soon) which is located west of the Satori continent. “Satori is linked to the North with Nautilus and to the North-East with Blake Sea”. I think the Belliseria continent linking up with the Satori continent is a good move in the right direction. Hopefully the connection region will come online in the days/weeks ahead.

You can expect to see active new development in these new SSP regions in the days and weeks ahead. More Linden homes are coming really soon and further expansion in terms of new land is expected before the end of 2022.

New land is here

Stay tuned for development updates on my blog soon.

New Second Life Forum Guidelines

At the end of July 2022 the lab announced new Second Life Forum guidelines which is being talked about alot recently it seems. As many have already noticed the lab have added “some clarity to the sections” on the Second Life Forums to “enhance everyone’s participation”. It’s more structured now when you visit today with pinned sub sections along with the updated guidelines.

It appears many are finding these new forum guidelines very unpopular. During the last two years there has been a rise in concerning threads etc relating to non-related Second Life topics.

The lab wants to help the Second Life community understand what type of topics belong in each category of the forums.

Allowed: We encourage you to participate by posting anything related to Second Life discussions that don’t quite fit in our other sub-forums. These are just guidelines, so please use your best judgment when posting if it is not explicitly stated here!

Not Allowed:In addition to adhering to the @Community Standards, please refrain from posting content discussing inflammatory content (Politics, Social Justice issues and Interpersonal disputes), Anything that doesn’t relate directly to Second Life/Linden Lab, Generic posts (like “Post a random animal picture!” versus an acceptable “Post your Second Life pets!”), etc. These are just guidelines, so please use your best judgment when posting if it is not explicitly stated here!“.

Keira Linden is open to feedback about the new guidelines announced recently and the best way is emailing her at

Hopefully things will calm down now with the new guidelines in place on the forums.

Second Life Mobile App In Slow Development

On Wednesday 3rd August at the web user group meeting there was a question asked about the status of the mobile type viewer (27mins/14secs) and Reed Linden said it’s coming slowly in terms of development. There are alot of struggles with that apparently and it’s not a straight forward project.

Reed mentioned that the lab are still deciding on whether to have its own solutions or to go down the partnerships route. There could be a paid by the hour system like the SpeedLight app. It might be something like the popular Lumiya app (no longer in development) or SL Go (inactive) from the past. Nothing has been officially been announced yet.

Linden Lab have actually been working with the SpeedLight app team so it will be interesting to see if anything big happens with this soon.

From what I have heard I really don’t think the lab will launch the Second Life app this year (it’s on the 2022 roadmap though I know). At best there might be probably a beta version of the Second Life mobile app before the end of 2022 if development picks up again. I would predict it will be launched sometime in early-mid 2023 or 2024 now at the latest.

For the last few years development for Second Life mobile has been mostly in the fast lane I think and now it’s moved back in the slow lane. There are probably alot of reasons for the on going delays to the project.

Should the lab continue with Second Life mobile development? If so what do you want to see happen ?

Linden Lab Announces Name Change Updates

On Wednesday 3rd August Linden Lab updated the Name Change service in a “major way”. Basically Premium and Premium Plus subscibers will now benefit from a reduced price for the Name Change service.

Premium Plus subscibers will benefit the most with the lowest cheap fees. Premium Plus comes with a whole lot of benefits from more groups, more land, larger signup bonus, free uploads and much more.

“For just $24.99, you’ll get a whole month of L$650 per week, a L$3000 signup bonus, fully paid-for mainland tier of 2,048sqm, and the ability to join up to 140 groups! Throw in unlimited free uploads of sounds, textures and animations on top of all the standard Premium benefits you already know and love, and we think that’s a heck of a deal”.

Here are the new updated Name Change fees…

  • Basic: US $49.99
  • Premium: US $34.99
  • Premium Plus: $14.99

As of 3rd August everyone can change their Second Life name regardless of the subscription level. This is a huge change after loads of requests from the community over recent months and years. The Last Names suggestion form can be found here.

What do you think of the new update to the prices of the Name Change ?

Northern Newbrooke: 20 New Regions Added  

20 new regions as of 2nd August 2022

This week 20 new regions have been added in the northern part of the Newbrooke sub continent which is apart of Bellisseria. I have outlined in red the new batch of Newbrooke regions in the north east corner and the yellow line is the new deep water channel which has formed. It is predicted that more new houseboats/Newbrooke Linden Homes will be placed in the surrounding areas in the days and weeks ahead.

I think more Newbrooke regions will be added soon heading up northwards is my guess. We will have to wait and see. It’s possible that there may be new connection region points along the west side of the Satori continent merging with the Newbrooke sub continent.

Empty void top right on 23rd July 2022

I will post more development news soon. Stay tuned for that.

2022 Second Life Renaissance Festival

The 3rd annual Second Life Renaissance Festival opens on September 23rd through until 2nd October 2022 which will be supporting Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. The teleport link to the festival will be available closer to the event opening. The theme for 2022 is The Silk Road which reflects a vast trade network connecting Eurasia and North Africa via land and sea routes.

The Second Life Renaissance Festival will be spread over four regions this year. Everyone will be able to find a range of home & garden items, breedables, medieval stuff and there will be daily tournaments to participate in from Archery, Jousting or Melee. There will be special roleplaying and themed instructional classes. Medieval guilds, contests, auctions, raffles, hunts and much more will be happening during the festival.

The good news is that the Merchant registration is open.

Spread the word and feel free to blog about this big festival happening soon in Second Life.