Linden Lab Announces Name Change Updates

On Wednesday 3rd August Linden Lab updated the Name Change service in a “major way”. Basically Premium and Premium Plus subscibers will now benefit from a reduced price for the Name Change service.

Premium Plus subscibers will benefit the most with the lowest cheap fees. Premium Plus comes with a whole lot of benefits from more groups, more land, larger signup bonus, free uploads and much more.

“For just $24.99, you’ll get a whole month of L$650 per week, a L$3000 signup bonus, fully paid-for mainland tier of 2,048sqm, and the ability to join up to 140 groups! Throw in unlimited free uploads of sounds, textures and animations on top of all the standard Premium benefits you already know and love, and we think that’s a heck of a deal”.

Here are the new updated Name Change fees…

  • Basic: US $49.99
  • Premium: US $34.99
  • Premium Plus: $14.99

As of 3rd August everyone can change their Second Life name regardless of the subscription level. This is a huge change after loads of requests from the community over recent months and years. The Last Names suggestion form can be found here.

What do you think of the new update to the prices of the Name Change ?