Bellisseria: One Year Later


Today marks Bellisseria’s first anniversary in Second Life since the new premium homes first officially opened up for Premium subscribers. Bellisseria started with a good hundred or so regions and a year later it’s pretty massive with thousands of new Linden homes. The lab and the Moles have done a great job.

First 80 SSP regions came online on 20th August 2018
Late 2018 the SSP continent grew bigger in size

I remember when the first SSP regions appeared on the grid back in mid August 2018. It all started with just 80 SSP regions (SSP1 – SSP80) and back then the regions were marked as Linden owned. 8 months later and the Bellisseria continent opened up to everyone.

It’s been exciting to see the birth of a new continent and see it grow over time.

April 15th 2019 – Continent opens
March 2020 – New logs continent arrives

Bellisseria is amazing, the community is still actively growing every week and it’s definitely a major step forward in my opinion. The best thing is the Bellisseria continent is set to grow even bigger in the months ahead with more new themed home styles.

The Bellisseria railway tracks

The new railway system, the airstrips, the new community areas, the new water areas and the different landscapes I love the most about the Bellisseria continent. I love going on adventures, tracking new developments and blogging about it.

Log Homes

The different Linden home themed styles have worked pretty well so far. These include Traditional, Houseboats, Trailers/Campers, Victorian homes and more recently with the new Log homes. These new styles are so much better than the old Linden homes and at some point the lab will probably shut them down. Could happen later this year or within the next few years.

I can’t wait to see what the next 12 months will bring. Happy 1st birthday Bellisseria! 🙂