Inventory Levels Of The New Linden Homes

On the Linden Homes section on the Second Life Forums Patch Linden is now posting the latest inventory levels of the new Linden Homes available. At the moment there seems to be a large amount of log homes and campers available to claim. The Moles are still building new areas on the new east extension and releasing new homes every week. 

For the near future, I’m going to post inventory levels of the New Linden Homes on this post in an effort to let everyone know what is available at the time we report the counts.

Please note these inventory levels may change drastically and suddenly without warning.  We will try to keep them updated as time permits!

As of:  9 April 2020 @ 2:42pm SLT/PDT

Home Type Available
Campers 112
Houseboats 2
Log Homes 3261
Traditional 7
Victorian 1



Bellisseria 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

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On Wednesday 8th April Patch Linden posted new details about the upcoming Bellisseria 1 year anniversary celebrations in Second Life. The first anniversary celebrations will take place between Friday 17th to Sunday 19th at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds. Everyone is welcome to attend and have fun. 

April 15, 2019 saw the launch of the new Linden Lab premium homes and Bellisseria was born. Soon those that nestled into the comforts of a brand new home found more than just a nice place to live, they found community, discovered new friendships, parties, adventures and so much more.

There will be live DJs, a particle show and a boat parade along with much more. The anniversary is sponsored by Linden Lab, Bellisseria Citizens Group, Bellissseria Entertainers & Events and the Bellis Blues Cafe.

Watch Bellisseria’s 1 Year Anniversary celebration video premiere on 16th April at 9am SLT. Patch Linden said recently it’s taken “more than 1,000 film clips, countless previews and edits, 100 plus volunteers and 60 hours of diligent work, its finally ready”.

Video Production & Editing by
Sceneris & Prudence Anton

Still photo art by:  Elora Lunasea
Sound Remix by:  Baphy (fushichou.mfume)

See here for more event details here