SS Galaxy gathering with Lindens and Moles

SS Galaxy gathering
SS Galaxy afternoon gathering

On Thursday 3rd September 2015 during the afternoon there was a small gathering event at the SS Galaxy in Second Life. Many Lindens attended including Xiola, Michael, Patch, Dee, Shaman and Guy along with moles. Around 30 avatars attended and I hope there will be more meetups in the future.

SS Galaxy opens
SS Galaxy regions are open
SS Galaxy meetup_004
The pool on the SS Galaxy
SS Galaxy meetup_003
Drink time!

Check out the revamped SS Galaxy today! 🙂


Firestorm historical snapshots from the past

Firestorm has just reached it’s 5th anniversary in Second Life this week and over the years I have taken many snapshots of Firestorm viewer. I think this is a good time to look back at historical snapshots of the viewer since 2011.

Firestorm Beta 2
Firestorm Beta 2 – 6th July 2011
Firestorm Support Region
New Firestorm Support regions – 26th August 2012
Firestorm no.1 viewer 2012
Firestorm number 1 viewer in 2012 – 4th September 2012
Firestorm Viewer Homepage
Revamped Firestorm Viewer Homepage – 5th January 2013
Firestorm turns 3
Firestorm 3rd anniversary – 4th September 2013
The Firestorm team and the Lindens
The Firestorm team and the Lindens – 2nd July 2014
Firestorm 5th anniversary celebrations_002
Firestorm 5th anniversary celebrations – 3rd September 2015