1st Annual Elf Clan Fantasy Art Fest starting in 2012

For the first time ever on the grid of InWorldz there will be a Elf Clan Fantasy Art Festival starting in early 2012. Jeri Rahja released details about the 1st annual Elf Clan Fantasy Art Festival last Friday on the InWorldz Forums. Details of available plots, applications, judging are shown below..

Announcing the 1St Annual Elf Clan Fantasy Art Fest – bought to you by IWZ Dreamz & Visionz Art Fests – the details are as follows there are 31 available plots for the artists and 4 underwater plots each plot is 30 x 30 with 900 prims available – to enter you must fill out an application – first come first serve – all applications must be returned to Jeri Rahja on or before January 15, 2012. Applications can be gotten from any of the posters found through out IWZ or requesting on from Jeri Rahja.

The start of the creation of the art works will begin at the assignment of the plots on or after January 16th and completion on February 3rd. 

Judging will be by a juried panel of judges. A tip jar will be placed at the sims – and the tips from the tip jars will be split among the artists.

It will be a great Art Fest – the First for the Elf Clan – looking forward to seeing wonderful pieces of beautiful art works. 

I think this sounds really exciting and I can’t wait to view the art work in 2012. I’m looking forward to amazing InWorldz events that will be taking place during 2012.


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