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Latest grid stats for Second Life & OpenSim – March 2015

Here are the latest grid stats for both Second Life and OpenSim and are correct as of 16th March 2015. Please note that these stats below come via SLUniverse Forums and Hypergrid Business for reference. Every three months I will share the very latest grid stats for Second Life and OpenSim during 2015 to see what’s […]

Linden Lab restricting use of the Linden Dollars in other virtual worlds

On Friday 13th March Hypergrid Business posted a blog post on Linden Lab restricting the use of Linden Dollars in other virtual worlds. The transfer of Linden Dollars to Avination grid is no longer available apparently including payment for Avination regions via the Avination ATMs across the grid. This is really bad news for the Avination community and this will […]

OpenSim 2014 year highlights

This is my special blog post looking back at the most popular news/events from OpenSim during the year of 2014. For me I have enjoyed blogging about OpenSim news/events and I can’t wait to start my 2015 OpenSim adventures. Here are the highlights from January to December 2014 below. All blog posts below are my own […]