Second Life Mobile App For iOS Not Ready Yet

During this week’s Second Life web user group meeting Keira Linden said (+4 minutes) that the Second Life mobile app hasn’t gone to the app store just yet for approval because the lab are still working on it. The lab are now spending their attention on Second Life 18th birthday celebrations which will open in two weeks time. Apparently there will be new last names announced soon and some of them will be referencing to this year’s birthday theme which will be time limited editions.

The web team at the lab have been working on the following during the past month…

  • Upgrading internal tools work including the payments system
  • Cleanup of the cookie footer on the Second Life webpage
  • There was a issue with buying Linden Dollars using non-us currency – fixed pretty quick
  • Fixed the issue with quick fill on the Second Life marketplace
  • Added the updated the Second Life logo on more pages
  • Minor text cleanup and fixed some formatting errors
  • Added some fixes for control panel on the old Linden Homes
  • Most of the past month the web team has been in the new work flow process on getting projects done including the backend systems

After 5 minutes the Keira opened the floor to questions. Some general interesting points mentioned after this point…

  • New categories are coming within the next three months or so for the Second Life Marketplace
  • Second Life JIRA is the best place to report bugs, ideas and feature requests for Second Life (the lab look at this every week)
  • Skill Gaming user group is in the works
  • No updates on Premium Plus yet > the lab are still thinking about it > revisiting it in the next few months
  • Meet the Lindens series to be confirmed for SL18B
  • Grid scope experiences – the lab are still thinking about it
  • Large scripts – not on the radar yet
  • Some further fine tuning still do for AWS

About Web User Group Meetings

“The Web User Group meeting is a monthly, public meeting intended for discussion of issues around our Web properties such as Marketplace, Profiles, Place Pages, Search, etc. Keira, Spidey, Grumpity & Reed Linden are the moderators. Please bring your questions & requests.”


Linden Lab working on some bugs for the Second Life Mobile Client IOS version

Web User Meeting – 5th May 2021

Keira Linden mentioned some things about the development of the Second Life mobile client during this week’s Web User Group meeting. The whole meeting is now available above on YouTube which lasts for one hour. See some of the meeting highlights below.


  • The lab are still working on some bugs and they hope to have something in the app store soon

So basically the IOS app that the lab has been working on did not make it back to Apple to pass in April 2021. Linden Lab QA found more issues that needed to be addressed internally recently. The wait continues now for the lab to address these issues and then being able to send the IOS app to Apple to pass through their evaluation process. This could take weeks or another few months.


  • No updates this month

The lab are still working on the development of the Android version of the Second Life mobile client.

May 2021 Meeting Highlights

  • The revamped Second Life homepage has received mixed feedback
  • There is still post Uplift internal work going on
  • No further updates on Premium Plus
  • The limited edition Last Names have been removed from the Last Names list. The hope is to have more special edition type names in the near future
  • The What’s Hot section of the Second Life Destination Guide has been revised to show more of the populated places
  • Search indexing fixed to find people more easily inworld
  • Keira will be creating a plan to start putting some marketplace changes in place (visual launch – probably later in 2021)
  • The lab are still working from home (all teams have been working great together)
  • And more – see video at top of this blog post


  • The theme for SL18B is “Hidden Worlds”
  • Lot’s of things can be considered for hidden worlds
  • More coming soon on SL18B – keep checking the Second Life blog

The next Web User Group meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 2nd June at 2pm SLT.