11 Linden Homes Themes Are Planned

On 3rd November Patch Linden posted that there are 11 Linden Home themes that are now planned after many discovered Patch new teaser image via Flickr.

The first five Linden Home themes listed below have already been released. The 6th theme is Stilt homes which are due to be released after the Uplift has been completed hopefully before 2021. The 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th new Linden home themes are still in the works. 

Patch Linden comment via the Second Life Forums…

I’m so proud of you all finally finding my teaser image!  😁

None of you have figured it out yet though.

For those of you counting the themes:

  1. Traditional
  2. Houseboats
  3. Campers
  4. Victorian
  5. Log Homes
  6. Stilt Homes
  7. The next theme
  8. The theme after the next theme
  9. The theme after after that next theme
  10. The theme that is after that
  11. The theme that is after #10

The pattern to my teasers is pretty clear.  I don’t tease well in advance, and the timing of my teasers is consistent with when things are due to be released.

Have fun!  😉

The lab may say something about the 7th and 8th Linden home theme during the SL Christmas Expo taking place next month in Second Life. 

We will have to wait and see. 

Log Homes Expansion March 2020 vs October 2020

The new railway line expansion launching soon

It’s been six months since Patch Linden first announced the new release of Log Homes via the official Second Life forums. The first batch included 4, 828 new Linden Homes (over 230 regions) and since then the Moles have added thousands more new Linden Homes on the log homes continent.

I am back, and this time with another staggering 4,828 new Linden Homes ready for your ownership! The theme, as many of you saw in the ACS Demo region, is Log Homes.

– Patch Linden – 1st April 2020

The Randelsham Tree House was added in late April 2020 which is located in the Randelsham Forest region. A nice community hangout place surrounded by lovely scenery. The Moles are working on expanding the railway line further eastwards which is very exciting indeed. I will post more updates on this soon.

Log Homes Railway Version 1 = July 2020

Here is what the log homes continent looked like back in late March 2020. There were loads of clone versions of the log homes all over the place. Access from the west was not possible for a while until the log homes opened to the public. Back then there were loads of empty areas and was not much to view.

Log Homes – 27th March 2020
Log Homes – Early April 2020

Here is the latest new photo of the log homes continent as of 1st October 2020. The Moles have made great progress in six months as you can see below with thousands of new Log homes built and more connections made compared with the map from March 2020.

  • Red = Upcoming areas that will be built on soon
  • White = Areas that are being worked on now
Log Homes continent – 1st October 2020

I would say the log homes continent is roughly 80% done so far. As everyone knows the log homes continent is going to take another month or so to complete. It’s going to be amazing once the Moles finish because then the next phrase will start expanding the continent out futher.

It’s going to be great when the new Stilt Linden homes go live on the grid later this year hopefully. I am looking forward to the other new themes in the works which have not been unveiled yet.

Log Homes Railway Track Progress From SSPE1460 To SSPE1457

Red Lines = New Railway Track

Earlier this week I posted the latest railway track progress going eastwards on the log homes continent and this blog post looks at whats going on down south to the buffer stop. It’s worth exploring if you love new areas.

It’s worth mentioning this new track going down south is not open for use yet. This is just a preview for now until the Moles fully complete the area very soon. I am very excited about the new developments going on this month.

LH signal bridge in SSPE1460

The start of the new railway track going down southwards starts in SSPE1459 with the LH Signal Bridge with some red cube placeholders nearby. The railway track then follows main road down south passing many signal points along the way. The railway track then goes into a forest where there is a new train station and finally the line ends with a buffer stop post.

As you go down south there are newly built log homes along the side of the new road with the railway track next to it which looks very nice.

Many signal points ahead in SSPE1459 leading into the trees area
More SLRR placeholders in SSPE1458
New train & road crossing barrier in SSPE1458
A new buffer stop and train station in SSPE1457

I can’t wait for the south and east railway line to open to the public in the months ahead. It’s going to be super fun for sure.

The Moles Add New Train Tracks – September 2020 Update

A new railway tunnel

The Moles are now extending the log homes train track futher eastwards from SSPE1460 to SSPE1162. There are new signal points and two new victorian tunnels that have been built so far. Within the next few months the new railway will go up the east coast of the log homes continent with brand new train stations and more new areas to explore.

Exciting times ahead! 🙂

New signal points

It’s worth pointing out this new extension is not completed yet so it’s best to wait a little longer before driving trains near this new area. The new railway splits into two in SSPE1460 where if you go down south are new signal points along the way.

New extension not completed yet

Can’t wait for the whole new extension to be completed very soon. I will blog more new developments next month.