Sakura Regions Come Online

Sakura regions come online – 27/4/22

Breaking News

Around 68 Sakura regions have just appeared on the grid north of the Stilt homes and they all have Japanese names for this batch. The region names are showing up on the map and at this time not open to the public. It’s not clear where the connection link region will be placed at this time.

Special thanks to SarahKB7 Koskinen who found the new regions this week.

Patch Linden first announced the new Sakura Linden Home theme during Bellissaria Third Anniversary celebrations back on 15th April 2022. There were four preview regions to see this new theme SSPSD1, SSPSD2, SSPSD3 and SSPSD4.

Now it’s going to be interesting to watch developments take place over the coming weeks and months. It’s been exciting following Bellisseria developments since August 2018. I will be tracking for some time yet.

Sakura Preview Regions

More updates soon.

New Chalet South Development

Update as of 15th October 2021

New south development – 15th October 2021

The new Chalet south development work started recently and soon hundred’s of new houseboats will be added along with Chalet/Stilts Linden Homes on the coastal areas. The Moles are using a number of coloured squares to keep track of overall progress.

From SSPE2215 to SSPE2248 new Chalet home parcel markers have been created already with more work happening in the days ahead. Beyond SSPE2248 there are more houseboat parcels that have been placed going all the way up the east coast of the Chalet sub continent. These regions are not fully finished yet.

The Moles are definitely adding more new areas faster in recent weeks it appears and it’s going to be great once the chalet sub continent has been completed. I think once the east and south development is finished the Moles will most likely move to adding the west/north development.

New houseboats in SSPE2218

Here are just some of the new areas in the south development.

  • SSPE2253: New Chalet homes and Stilt homes have been added. Region not finished yet.
  • SSPE2252: Possible rez area coming soon. Empty at the moment.
  • SSPE2247: Houseboats will be added very soon

Stay tuned for more updates very soon.

SSPE1790 Bridge Update

New Stilt Linden Homes Coming Soon – 1st June 2021

The Moles will be adding a whole lot of new Stilt and Chalet Linden Homes in the days and weeks near the SSPE1790 Bridge. The road goes through the south part of the Chalet continent merging with the new homes already built. At some point later this year the Moles will add more bridges connecting the north and south parts of the Chalet regions.

Work is still in progress with more new areas coming soon. This is still a massive Linden Lab/Moles project and its going to take time to finish all the recent Linden Home themes.

New Chalet Linden Homes Coming Soon – 1st June 2021

The Moles continue to add more Stilts around SSPE1783. There are more Stilts being added nearby which will be finished soon. It’s worth pointing out there is alot of development happening now even on the log homes continent.

Recently new built Stilts – 1st June 2021

The Chalet continent remains unchanged in terms of work developments as of 1st June 2021. It won’t be long until the Moles start adding new bridges and new homes. The outer edges of the Chalet regions are not complete yet.

Chalet continent – 1st June 2021

The next Linden Home theme reveal should hopefully be known before early-mid July 2021 and it will be most interesting to see where new upcoming LH themes will be placed.

The SL18B regions have come online and at least one of them will have the next LH theme I believe.

More Stilt regions added near the Chalet regions

This week another batch of new Stilt regions have been added on the east side of the cluster of Stilt regions connecting with the Chalet regions (in green – top right). It’s great to see more regions being added more often now and it won’t be long until this new area will be finished.

As you can see above on the map some of the new Stilt regions are not showing up on the map yet. It will hopefully be visible within the next few days or so. The Moles are building new Stilt Linden Homes mostly in the north heading towards the Chalet regions. The Stilts regions that have been completed look really nice so far and I think that the Moles have done a great job.

Here is a view from the Drumlin Farm region previewing the new Stilt regions nearby and the Sea Witch region in the far distance. 

I will post more updates soon on the latest SSP developments.

The Stilt Homes Roll Out Continues

Land Selection Page As of 7.17am SLT/PST

During the last 12 hours or so it appears more Stilt Linden homes are being released to the public in Second Life along with Traditional, Houseboats, Victorian and Log homes. There is roughly 2.300 homes still unclaimed spread over 92 regions showing as Protected Land.

The fastest way of getting a Linden Home is through the Second Life land selection page. More homes will be released in the days and weeks ahead. For those wanting the new release of Stilt homes you have a choice of ones on water, land and on a pier.

More green dots moving into Stilt homes
On land Stilts

Stay updated on the latest community discussion here.

*Delayed* – The Stilt Linden Home Release – Live Updates

The Stilts are now available

Newer updates will show here…

2pm SLT – Tuesday 22nd December Update 

The issue is still being looked at and hopefully it will be resolved very soon. 


2pm SLTPatch Linden has delayed the Stilt home regions release. See the post here

Hi Everyone!

An update on where we’re at with the Stilt home regions release.   We tried with all of our might today to get them in to everyone’s hands that wants them.  Sadly our plans were thwarted by unforeseen complications.  We’re hoping to work through some more of this tomorrow, and I’ll be back with another update as quickly as possible!

Have a great evening and thank you for your patience with us as we work through these issues.

-Patch, the Moles and the Second Life Land Operations team

  • 11.50am SLTThe operations team ran into issues with the test release of a single region and then tried a 2nd single region. Now they are trying to resolve issues before releasing the rest of the regions
  • 11.36am SLT – Clamdigger & Gorgeous Aurelia Beach becomes the next regions to be released 
  • 10.48am SLT – Patch Linden posts a update on the stilt home release via SL Forums

Hello everyone!

We have a new Linden Homes release, this time featuring Stilt Homes and House Boats.   There are 3900 Stilt Homes, and 552 House Boats in this release.

The stilt homes offer upscale living along the coasts of Bellisseria. Homes are raised on stilts, well above sea level, in the style of many shoreline homes in the Southeastern USA. Some homes are placed along or very near to the beach. Others are over water, attached to wooden piers. Others still are freestanding over water, only accessible by boat. Enjoy the luxury of a home on a full-sized 1024 sq m parcel and access to nearby shared public recreation areas.

You may choose any one of the four one-story or two-story styles from your house controller, regardless of where your stilt home parcel lies. Each has a large deck, where you can enjoy an evening meal or watch the waves. (Note: some land-based parcels may still have a small amount of water within the parcel lines, while some water/pier-based parcels may have a small amount of land in them.)

We hope you enjoy the new homes as we continue to grow the Bellisseria continent and community.

Happy Holidays!

Patch, the Moles and the Second Life Land Operations team

Older updates will show below…

  • The best way to get a new Stilt Linden Home is via the land selection page. Traditional, Campers, Houseboats, Log Homes are showing up at the moment. 
  • 9.30am SLT – Crowd gathers in Faraday 
  • 9.40am SLT – The first test region went live in Alagoon
  • 9.50am SLT – The Stilt regions go live

A test region has failed to pass this morning – delays likely now 

More Stilt Linden Home Regions Added

Today Linden Lab have added roughly 17 more Stilt regions and 4 more houseboat regions. In total so far there are now 156 Stilt regions. The mean average for the new Stilt Linden Homes is fractionally over 25 to a region. There will be thousands of Stilt homes available to claim very soon. Probably within the next few weeks or so once all the regions pass the QA process.

Exciting times ahead for those that want a new Linden Home. I’m sure in the mean time the lab will add more Linden Home regions and hopefully connect the Stilt regions to the log homes continent. More log homes are expected to be built in the days and weeks ahead. The railway line on the log homes continent is set to extend further in the weeks ahead.

The Newer Area – (12th November 2020)

Before – (7th November 2020)

I will blog more when new developments happen.