The owl visits Britannia Village & Seaside

Today I went to visit the well-known Britannia Village & Seaside destination in Second Life which is full of nice areas to visit like Pier 7Seas Fishing, the seaside, The Tower of London, Stonehenge and more. It’s a wonderful location to visit in Second Life and I strongly recommend everyone to visit the Britannia Village & Seaside in 2014.

The new 2014 7Seas Fishing area on and under the new Britannia Pier

Pier 7Seas Fishing 2014

The owl lands on the X 

Britannia Village & Seaside 2014

Places to visit > Fantasy British Village, Seaside & Pier. Doctor Who,  fishing, 7Seas,  Kasterborous, Britain, England,  Glastonbury Tor, Archery, En Garde, Stonehenge, NLS, TARDIS, Robin Hood, London, Eastbourne, Sussex, Brighton, Hastings, Dr Who, London Village

The amazing pier at Britannia Village

Britannia Village & Seaside 2014

One small step for the owl. one more step for owl kind

Britannia Village & Seaside 2014

My personal rating of Britannia Village & Seaside: 10/10 

A visit to The Chapter Four

Today I went to visit The Chapter Four destination in Second Life which is a monthly shopping event that happens on the 4th of every month which runs for 2 weeks. There are four rooms/sections featuring different themes of the sale. The Chapter Four is very popular at the moment and it’s on the Featured Events shown on page 2 of the Second Life Destination Guide.

Low prices and great stuff.

The Chapter Four 2014 The Chapter Four 2014 The Chapter Four 2014 The Chapter Four 2014

If you love shopping in Second Life then check this place out. For more details visit The Chapter Four Website. 🙂

Explore “Moving islands” at LEA20

Today marks the start of the new year and the start of my new 2014 owl adventures around Second Life which is going to be fantastic. Today I went along to Moving islands build at LEA20 which reflects on the topic of “In the belly of the Whale”. Reflect harder!. The Linden Endowment of the Arts is an official Linden Community Partnership program whose purpose is to help new artists, cultivate art in SL, and foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration within the art community.

2014 LEA Latest News

LEA20 builds

  • At LEA20 there is a chance to create your own whale story in photos or as machinima.
  • Visit and look around here > SLURL

Moving Islands

Moving Islands

The LEA20 plan and mission 

The Plan
Mr. Bones will sing you the art of Machinima: 11th January 2014, 12PM (Noon) SLT
The Mission
Explore “Moving islands” at LEA20. Reflect on the topic “In the belly of the Whale”. Reflect harder! Now do us a film, a picture or a photo story at LEA20. Wear own builds or use existing ones from the sim, create a short photo story or a 120 minute epic film, sing, shout or shoot a harpoon into the last whale! Perhaps you may decide to feel like being in any special kind of belly or to produce your work in that special Cadavre Exquis look? Special russian dictator bellies floating through your mind? NOW you are ready to go! Give us the honor and donate a work to our interactive extravaganza!
All artworks entered will be shown on and also at the end of January for a party in SL. Stay in touch for more infos about the event and special rewards!
PS: “Ve haf vays of making you speak viz ze German accent, ja?”

Moving Islands

My personal rating of LEA20 > 9/10