Two weeks of Private Regions growth in Second Life

For the past two weeks net private regions have increased by 69 since the new pricing structure for private regions came into an effect. This is very good news and shows there is still interest in buying private regions in Second Life at the moment.

It’s too early to tell if this growth trend will continue or not in the weeks ahead. I would say we’ll need another month or so to see if this new pricing restructuring has worked successfully. Then we can start celebrating. ūüôā

It’s worth mentioning that when the grid grows it really does help slow the overall rate of private regions losses on the grid.

Tyche Shepherd mentions the net private regions growth in the latest grid report, see below.

We are now two weeks into the new pricing regime for Private Estates and this is now the 2nd week of positive growth of the grid

Net Growth stands at 35 regions this week (last week was 34) All this week’s net growth was among private Estates .

Overall , taking into account last weeks closure of the 24 Temporary SL15B regions , Net Change in Private Estates since the new prices stands at 94 New or Returned Regions
I’ve no record of Region type at the moment, and therefore no estimate of overall change in revenue for the Lab, but the initial change in demand doesn’t seem enough to increase overall revenue at this stage.

Total number of Main Grid regions is now 23290 ( 16054 private estates & 7236 Linden owned)
112 new regions were added and 8 returned to the grid, with 18 regions removed (6 were renamed and 1 came and went since last report)

Adult rated regions were up in number by 15 to 5801 (24.9% of the grid), General rated increased by 8 to 2868 (12.3%) 

Because of the recent net growth YTD private estate net losses now are down to 52 (A 0.3% loss) 

It would be great to see more net growth in private regions in the weeks and months ahead. The grid needs to grow again as it’s been on the decline for many years.


New SL Sims In Past Week Thread Reaches 100 pages on SLUniverse Forums

100 pages milestone

On 1st July 2018 the most popular¬†New SL Sims In past week thread reached 100 pages on SLUniverse Forums¬†for the first time.¬†Tyche Shepherd started the forum thread way back on 23rd March 2008 and it’s been actively running since then.

It’s definitely been the best source for updated Second Life statistics and much more. It’s been interesting to see weekly reports on new sims being added,¬†sim renames,¬†breakdown of server class and sims that have left the grid,

Congratulations Tyche¬†all the hard work you’ve done over the years to keep the Second Life community updated on the grid numbers.

Here are the latest grid numbers as of 1st July 2018:

A large number of ACS RFL regions coming online helped keep net losses in regions to 3
Tomorrow the new land prices take effect so we’ll see if there is any significant uptake next week

Total number of Main Grid regions is now 23220 ( 15985 private estates & 7235 Linden owned)
103 new regions were added and 10 returned to the grid, with 117 regions removed (54 were renamed and 1 came and went since last report)

Adult rated regions were up by 13 to 5728 (24.7% of the grid) while General rated increased by 7 to 2893 (12.5%) 

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New SL15B Infographic

A new interesting SL15B Infographic has just been sent to me to share with everyone from Linden Lab. This new infographic was created in preparation for the 15th anniversary celebration of Second Life happening in June 2018.

This new Infographic shows the total number of Second Life accounts there have been, the total time users have spent in Second Life. new registrations, virtual goods created in the marketplace, chat messages sent daily and the most popular categories on the Second Life Destination Guide.

Check out these interesting stats below and share this with your friends ūüôā

Amazing stats for 15 years of Second Life! ūüôā

SL10B Infographic 


Second Life Private Estates Net Losses Was Lower During 2017

Weekly net change in private estates for 2017

It’s been another bumpy ride for private estates in Second Life during 2017 but according to the latest update¬†by Tyche Shepherd the Second Life grid lost 677 private estate regions in total which is a 4.0 loss in 52 weeks. Back In 2016 the net loss was much higher standing at¬†992 private estates lost. Back in 2015 the net loss was 819 (4.4% loss).

The good news from this is that the weekly net loss change in private estates has slightly dropped since 2015 but it’s still high though. There hasn’t been a lot of positive net growth for private estates in Second Life since then either as you can see from the graph above. It would be nice to see more positive region growth during 2018 in Second Life.

End of 2017 Second Life Regions Update 

  • Total Main Grid regions – 23, 332
  • Total Private Estates – 16, 106
  • Total Linden Owned – 7, 226
  • As of 31st December 2017

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