Official SL Forums posts declining further in 2012

Today a new graph has been published showing the official Second Life Forum post counts to date, showing data between February 2011 to October 2012. The graph shows SL Forum and SL Answer posts declining more in 2012 under the average mark starting in May 2012 and dropping further during the summer months. It’s going to be interesting to see if the trend continues to go down during the final 3 months of 2012 or if the post count goes up to average levels in 2013.

Last year post counts stayed mostly above the average mark and then in 2012 for some reason the post counts dropped down hill.

2011 data

  • March : 19983 posts
  • April : 14514 posts
  • May : 13633 posts
  • June : 10292 posts
  • July : 16691 posts
  • August : 18213 posts
  • September: 17890 posts
  • October : 16225 posts
  • November : 17186 posts
  • December : 13971 posts

2012 data

  • January : 13655 posts
  • February : 14154 posts
  • March : 16627 posts
  • April : 15755 posts
  • May : 12702 posts
  • June : 9784 posts
  • July : 9896 posts
  • August : 11924 posts
  • September: 9942 posts

Happy 8th Birthday SLUniverse

Cristiano announced yesterday that SLUniverse is now 8 years old on 12th November 2011 which is awesome. SLU is one of my favourite sites to find out what’s currently happening in the Second Life community and I log in almost every day. Thank you Cristiano for the amazing work that you do!

This site was launched on November 12, 2003. It has grown and changed tremendously since then, but it has always been about the community of people here. Thank you so much to everyone who has been a part of the site over these 8 years, through the many changes, the craziness, the good and bad. I can’t believe I have dedicated 8 years of my life to this site, but in the end it has been worth it. SLU is the busiest it has ever been, and continues to grow. I look forward to what the future holds.

Cristiano announces some interesting SLUniverse stats in the 8th birthday post. Yay!!!!

Thank you for everything you have all contributed to the site, including 1.4 million posts in 4 years, and nearly 500,000 images and over 120 million images viewed on Snapzilla in 6 years. SLU is here because of you.

SLUniverse Forums Statistics

  • Threads: 62, 444
  • Posts: 1, 412, 981
  • Members: 21, 637

Happy Birthday SLU

Linden Lab Working On "New Promotional Program"

When browsing through the SLUniverse Forums today I came across this thread called Lindens will be advertising on behalf of merchants. It seems like Linden Lab are currently working on a new promotional program that will focus on increasing customers for the SL Marketplace.

Here are some details of the new program..

We’ve recently been working on a new promotional program focused in part on increasing customers for the Marketplace. Right now our plan is to roll out a test of the program in early April. While a more thorough explanation will follow soon, here’s a quick overview to give you a little context, before we ask a favor of you.

In essence, the program will allow participating merchants to create a new discounted listing for shoppers looking for a good deal. Using a “flash sale” model, a single Marketplace item will be promoted at a deep discount for a limited time (24 hours or less); giving shoppers access to great deals on popular virtual goods and merchants a powerful new way to reach customers. Linden Lab will promote these deals via direct email, Facebook, and Twitter. During the test period, Linden Lab will select one listing per week to promote at a discount of 50% or more. Details on how merchants will be selected to participate in this test program will be announced via a blog post soon.

We can expect a test launch of the program next month with more details published in the coming weeks on the Official Second Life Blog.

New SL Community Site Preview & LL Ends The Voting Feature In SL JIRA

Since 20th February 2011, the SL Blogs, SL Forums, SL Knowledge Base and SL Answers have been in read-only mode and later today Linden Lab will be launching the new Second Life community platform for 2011. This morning Tateru Nino shared the first early preview of the new SL community platform which uses Lithium Technologies. Tateru Nino said this on Twitter…

Hey, I got impatient waiting for the new community site, so I dug through the Lab’s trash.

SL JIRA Announcement

When visiting the SL JIRA this morning, I noticed that Linden Lab posted up a announcement, saying that the voting feature in JIRA will no longer be available from 8th March 2011.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting on March 8th, the voting feature in JIRA will no longer be available. If you are interested in a specific JIRA, then we encourage you to “watch” it.

For more information, click here

Popular SL News During February 2011

This is the February 2011 edition of popular Second Life news during this month with links and dates below.

Spike Linden's Farewell Party!

Group notice today from RHN Q and A Group announced that there will be a Farewell Party for Spike Linden. The Farewell Party starts tomorrow on Thursday 30th September from 2am – 6am SLT. Apparently Spike Linden’s account will be disabled shortly after the party which is really sad. Spike Linden joined Linden Lab on 8/25/2006 and his job role at Linden Lab was UK Linden Concierge. Check out my pictures of Spike Linden here. Good times!

Spike Lindens farewell party!
Come wish the best of luck to one of our favorite Lindens as he makes his way to his next journey!

September 30th from 2 a.m.-6 a.m. SLTime.

There will be DJs, a cake, a griefing area(Spikes request lol), and lots of people to send him off in style!

PLEASE NO gifts as his account will be disabled shortly after the party!! So, just bring you, your friends and come enjoy some time with Spike!

This notice has an attachment.

I wish him all the best for the future.

Update on New SL Forums this week

This week there has been alot of hype about the New Second Life Forums during office hours and around the grid. There has been alot of plurks, resident blog posts and tweets on the new forums which is creating a buzz. SL Forums JIRA

Report Abuse – NEW

  • There is now a new Report Abuse link at the bottom of every post/comments. When you click the link it will take you to Report Abuse page where you can put the needed details.
  • Under Primary Reasons drop down menu and the Additional Information box.
  • This feature was added 18th February 2010.

Teens Merged

  • Teens are now mixed in with adults on the SL Forums.
  • Search for “Teen” in Search box (top right of SL Forums) for the latest posts.

Private Messaging

  • You can private message each other in the profile section.

Thats all for now and Linden Lab will be adding new features in the coming weeks to make SL resident experience better online.

TG Residents integrated into SL Forums

I have been using the new Second Life Forums this week and I have found that Teen residents are now appearing on the radar on the new SL Forums. They also appear to be showing up on Avatars United too. It seems like Linden Lab have removed the TSL Forums and directing teens to the SL Forums now which is not right at all. It would remain separate and not be mixed in. I wonder if this is start of the grid merge (plans) or not.

What are your views on this ?

Poll: Should MG and TG Forums remain separate?

New Second Life Forums have officially launched

SL Breaking News

Linden Lab have now launched the new Second Life Forums today. The new Second Life Forums have integrated into the Clearspace software. The Clearspace software has been used to create the new SL Blogs and SL Answers last year.  The VBulletin forums are now being archived which will take around 4 weeks to complete. It will be then become viewable in read-only form which will be available soon. SL Forums will be the main buzz in SL this week I think. Comment below on what you think of the new Second Life Forums? Add-ons? Dislikes?

Access New SL Forums

Old Second Life Forums (2005-2010)

New Second Life Forums (9th February 2010)

What do you think of the new look SL Forums ?

New SL Forum Upgrades

Linden Lab announced yesterday the old Second Life Forums will be upgraded from 2nd February 2010 onwards. The new forums will be integrated into the Clearspace software which is now actually used for the Official Second Life Blog. Clearspace software is also used for SL Answers which launched on 3rd December 2009. The sad news that the VBulletin forums will be closed and archived.

The new Second Life Blogs became active on 25th February 2009 and today it’s easier to search what you are looking for. With improved readability, blog channels, profiles and more comments are allowed now on the Second Life Blogs compared to 100 at max a few years ago. In the early days when there were downtimes (beta-2006) in Second Life many turned to the SL Forums to find out the latest news and gossip. Nowadays there are many ways of finding out the latest SL updates through social networking sites, sl status reports and through SL resident blogs.

It will be interesting to see the new changes made to the SL Forums this week or next. When the new changes happen I will post screen-shots of it on my blog/flickr/plurk.