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BURN2 2015: The Man & The Temple

The Man 2015_001

The Man will be burning today at 6am SLT, 12pm SLT and 6pm SLT at the annual BURN2 2015 event in Second Life. It’s going to be very exciting and the best one yet. Don’t miss this! :D

SLURL – arrive early because there will be hundreds of avatars watching from nearby regions!

The Man 2015_013

The Temple will be burning on Sunday 25th October 2015 at 6am SLT, 12pm SLT and 6pm SLT.

The Temple_001

Spread the word and enjoy the burns :)

BURN2 2015 interesting landmarks to check out

BURN2 2015 is open in Second Life and here are some interesting landmarks to check out this week on the playa. Click the SLURL links below to teleport and have fun exploring. :)

Walk in Camp – SLURL

Walk in Camp

The SideShow – SLURL

The SideShow

Skycat – SLURL


The Blur Angle – SLURL

The Blur Angle

Unity – SLURL




Maze of FacesSLURL

Maze of Faces_001

Beyond The MaskSLURL

Beyond The Mask

Learn more about BURN2 2015 here.

Historical snapshots of Burning Life & BURN2 in Second Life

Here are some of my historical snapshots of Burning Life and BURN2 in Second Life. More historical snapshots can be found here of BURN2 and here for Burning Life.

Burning Life 2009 Countdown Clock!

Burning Life 2009 regions

BURN2 Festival 2010 Begins

BURN2 Festival 2010

Day 6 at BURN2! 2010 in SL

BURN2 2010 – Welcome Gate!

BURN2 The Man 2010 burn

BURN2 2010 – The Man burn

BURN2 The Temple burn

BURN2 2010 – The Temple burn

Ready for BURN2

BURN2 2011 – Press Day

The Man at BURN2 2012

BURN2 2012 – The Man burns

BURN2 on Day 4

BURN2 2012 – Live Music Event

BURN2 2013 - Lamplighter Procession

BURN2 2013 – Lamplighter Procession

Greeting at BURN2

BURN2 2013 – Greeters!

The Casbah Stage

BURN2 2014 – The Casbah Stage

The Man

BURN2 2014 – The Man

The Temple

BURN2 2014 – The Temple

BURN2 Press Preview 2015_006

BURN2 2015 starts today!

BURN2 Press Day 2015: some teaser snapshots

Here are some teaser snapshots from BURN2 Press Day 2015 in Second Life (16th October). I think the regions look incredible and the event organizers have done a great job this year in preparing for this huge annual event. First preview of the BURN2 2015 regions, see below! :)

I will be posting more snapshots during the weekend on my blog and on my Flickr stream. Stay tuned! :)

BURN2 Press Preview 2015_005

Main Stage

The Man_005

The Man

The Temple_001

The Temple

The Lamplighters_001

The Lamplighters

BURN2 2015_001

Burning Man- Black Rock

Inner Child Camp

Inner Child Camp

That’s all folks for now. More soon! :)

BURN2 Press Day 2015, opens today at 10am – 8pm SLT

BURN2 2015 from above

BURN2 2015 opens to the press today!

Today marks BURN2 Press Day 2015 in Second Life and this year there will six regions to explore. At 10am SLT through until 8pm SLT members of the Second Life press will be able to get a sneak preview of everything.

BURN2 Regions List (SLURLS)

BURN2 2015 the Carnival of Mirrors will be opening at 12pm SLT on Saturday 17th October 2015 through until Sunday 25th October 2015 and it’s going to be incredible from start to end I think. I am most looking forward to exploring, seeing the man and the temple burns. I will be uploading snapshots and reporting my experiences on my blog. Stay tuned for that. :)

I do think there needs to be more coverage of BURN2 from Second Life bloggers and from members of the press. It would be great to see more coverage of this event!

BURN2 Events and Times

BURN2 2015: Carnival of Mirrors will open on Saturday the 17th of October at noon SLT with a procession by the Lamplighters, beginning at their Village which is not far from the Welcome Gate where you arrive. You are all invited to explore, experience and express the joy of the Burn and revel in the music, art and colourful constructions born out of the imaginations of creative Burners. And, of course there will be fire!

The event opens with a Lamplighters procession at 12:00pm SLT on the 17th, with another at 7:00pm SLT. Additional processions will take place at noon and 7pm SLT daily through the 23rd. On the 24th there will be no processions, but the Man Burns will be at 6am, 12pm and 6pm SLT on the 24th. On the last day the Lamplighters will perform their last processions at 5am, 11am and 5pm SLT – one hour before each Temple Burn. Also on Temple Burn day, Lamplighter processions will pause along their route at Center Camp for a short Fire Dance performance before continuing the procession toward the Temple.

More information about the event can be seen via the menu at the left side of the home page here on www.burn2.org.

We invite members of the press to come and visit on Friday, the 16th of October, before the opening of this festival of fire that is an echo of Burning Man in a virtual setting, so they may pass along a teaser of what has been prepared for the celebration of the Burn. With a Press Pass you will be able to visit from 10:00am to 8:00pm SLT. BURN2 Staff and creatives will be on hand to answer questions and share information. Apply for your Press Pass! We look forward to seeing you and saying, “Welcome Home!”

Spread the word that BURN2 2015 in Second Life and let’s make this year the best yet. :)


BURN2 Press Day & Events Schedule 2015

BURN2 2015 from above

BURN2 2015 from above

BURN2 2015 press day will be happening on Friday 16th October 2015 starting at 10am SLT through until 8pm SLT. This will be a great opportunity for members of the press to visit the BURN2 regions (Burning Man regions) before the grand opening day.

BURN2 staff will be answering questions and they will be sharing information during the press day access hours. If you have been invited you will get a BURN2 Press Pass tag to access the regions.

BURN2 Press Day Signup fill out this form if you are interested in press day! 

BURN2 Events Schedule

Friday 16th October 2015 – Press Day

  • Regions open to press at 10am SLT through until 8pm SLT

Saturday 17th October 2015 – Opening Day

  • Event opens at 12pm SLT with a Lamplighters procession
  • Lamplighters procession again at 7pm SLT
  • Takes place daily at 12pm and 7pm SLT everyday until 23rd

Saturday 24th October 2015 – The Man Burn

  • The Man Burn takes place at 6am SLT, 12pm SLT and 6pm SLT

Sunday 25th October 2015 – The Temple Burn

  • The Temple Burn takes place at 6am SLT, 12pm SLT and 6pmSLT
  • Lamplighters will perform their last processions at 5am, 11am and 5pm SLT

The wait is almost over and it’s going to a really exciting event to attend. Spread the word and let’s make this year the best one yet.

Special thanks to Radioactive Rosca for the brilliant view from above of the BURN2 regions 2015. 

BURN2 2015 in Second Life, 17th-25th October

BURN2 2015 regions

BURN2 2015 regions – 6 regions

BURN2 2015 will be taking place on Saturday 17th October through until Sunday 25th October 2015. BURN2 is community supported in Second Life this year and as many know it’s an extension of the Burning Man festival in real life. The theme for this year is Carnival of Mirrors and it’s going to be fascinating to see what happens this year.

This year there are six Burning Man regions to explore and the final preparations are underway currently. There will be fire, entertainment, live music and attractions to visit this year. There will be greeters at the welcome gate ready to help around the clock.

I’ve been attending the annual BURN2 / Burning Life events since 2009 in Second Life and it’s one of the biggest events on the grid. I have enjoyed viewing the builds, watching the burns of the man and the temple along with other live events. I have enjoyed blogging about the annual BURN2 events since 2009 and I will continue to blog for years to come because it’s one of my favourite events.

Spread the word cause you don’t wanna miss it. If you have never been then I strongly recommend you visit the annual BURN2 event in Second Life.

Here are some of my snapshots from BURN2 in Second Life from the past.

Day 6 at BURN2! 2010 in SL

BURN2! 2010

BURN2 Spring Event 2011 Opens

BURN2 Spring Event 2011

 BURN2 2012

BURN2 2012

BURN2 2013 - Lamplighter Procession

BURN2 2013 – Lamplighter Procession

The Temple

The Temple 2014

BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2015

BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2015

More info at burn2.org