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BURN2 DMV Event 2015 featuring racing, dance party and fireworks

BURN2 Race Track

View of the racing track at BURN2 2015 

On Saturday 29th August 2015 starting at 10am SLT there will be a fun day of racing, a dance party and fireworks happening at the Burning Man – Deep Hole region in Second Life. The DMV has built a 8 track on the Playa and the team have set up rezzers around the region with 25 different vehicles to choose from.

Lets go crazy and race! :D

Here is the schedule (SLT/PDT)

  • 10:00am – OPEN RACING
  • 11:15am – Mother Clucker -12 Laps
  • 11:30am – OPEN RACING
  • 12:45pm – Chariot Challenge -12 Laps
  • 1:00pm – OPEN RACING
  • 2:15pm – Licker’d Up Limited -12 Laps
  • 2:30pm – OPEN RACING
  • 3:45pm – Costume Feature -12 Laps (Race in a favorite costume!)
  • 4:00pm – OPEN RACING
  • 5:15pm – Barnyard Bonanza -12 Laps
  • 5:30pm – BurnerBus Blitzkrieg -12 Laps
  • 5:45pm – OPEN RACING
  • 6:30pm – Costume Feature -12 Laps
  • 6:45pm – Dance Party & Fireworks

Stay updated on the latest BURN2 – Second Life updates here.


BURN2 2015: Carnival of Mirrors Announced

BURN2 2013 - Lamplighter Procession

Lamplighter Procession

iSkye Silverweb released a new press release this week announcing the upcoming annual BURN2 event for 2015 in Second Life and this year the theme will be Carnival of Mirrors. BURN2 2015 will run from Saturday 17th October through until Sunday 25th October 2015.

There will be a week of music, performances, fire, mirrors and art. The plots sale is now open with lower prices from last year, plot lottery and the juried art camp applications are now open.

  • Lamplighters to kick off the BURN2 Festival 2015
  • The Man Burn will be on Saturday 24th October 2015
  • The Temple Burn will be on Sunday 25th October 2015

If you have any questions, please contact iSkye Silverweb.

BURN2 The Temple burn

The Temeple Burn

Press Release
BURN2 2015: Carnival of Mirrors 
Press Contact: ​ iSkye Silverweb 

This year’s theme is about mirrors and masks, mazes and merger. It will be a kind of magic  show that takes the form of an old­fashioned carnival. This Carnival of Mirrors asks three  essential questions: within our media­saturated world, where products and people,  consumption and communion morph into an endlessly diverting spectacle, who is the  trickster, who is being tricked, and how might we discover who we really are?

Classic carnivals, as theaters of illusion, upheld a very strict dividing line that separated  carnies, cast as showmen, from members of a naïve public who were labeled chumps and  suckers, marks and rubes. Our carnival, however, will perform an even more subversive trick  — its motto is Include the Rube. The wall dividing the observer from observed will disappear,  as by an act of magic; through the alchemy of interaction, everyone at once can be the carny  and the fool.

With great glee and inspired excitement, we announce the upcoming BURN2: Carnival of  Mirrors. The event will take place October 17­-25, 2015, culminating in the Burning of the Man  on the 24th and the Temple Burn on the 25th. Going into this season of preparation, the  annual plot sale opens, along with the Plot Lottery and Juried Art Camp Applications. This  year we will gift MORE free plots in the Plot Lottery! And prices for the plot sale are LOWER!

Get all the information you need about the Plot Lottery and Juried Art Camp applications by  going to ​http://www.burn2.org and finding the link to the desired application form in the menu  at left under “Carnival of Mirrors.”  Read all the information on the form including the  guidelines and Ten Principles before you submit your application.

Builder guidelines are available at ​ http://www.burn2.org/Builderguidelines – playa aesthetics mirroring the Black  Rock Desert are in effect for this event.

You can purchase a plot for BURN2 at the kiosks on the playa. In the spirit of the theme, your  receipt will be in the form of a wearable mask. Prices are as follows, and we are happy to  note the prices are lower than last year:

  • L$2500 = 512sqm, 117 LI 
  • L$5000 = 1024sqm, 234 LI 
  • L$10000 = 2048sqm, 468 LI 
  • L$20000 = 4096sqm, 936 LI   

Think about the mirrors, masks, mazes and mergers, let the word “Carnival” evoke inspiration  in your creative mind, then come, participate, in this fiercely fun and fiery fiesta!

Please let us know when you have included us in your publications as we link back to online  TV, magazine and blog posts at​  ​ http://www.burn2.org/media_coverage​ . We would love to  include you! Just email a link to your content to ​ communications@burn2.org​ , and we will  include it.

BURN2 is the virtual extension of the Burning Man festival and community into the world of  Second Life. It spreads Burning Culture and the​  Burning Man Ten Principles​  all year round.  BURN2 is one Burning Man regional, out of more than 100 first world Regional groups.

We encourage you to use the following labels and hashtags when you write about the event:  Burn2#burn2 . We will promote those tags to make it easier for people to find your content.

Want more information? Check out these resources: 

Contact people: 

  • Communications: communications@burn2.org 
  • Steering Committee:​  steering@burn2.org 
  • BURNING MAN Regional Contact: ​ secondlife@burningman.com 
The Man, Burning Man

The Man

Spread the word about BURN2 2015! :)

BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2015: Balance opens today in Second Life

BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2015

BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2015

BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2015: Balance opens today at 10am SLT  over at the BURN2 Burning Man region in Second Life. The weekend event runs until 10am SLT on Sunday 29th March 2015. There will be live DJ events, drumming, and live entertainment during this weekend.

There will be friendly and helpful greeters at the gates ready to help out and ensure that everyone has a nice welcoming experience. Let’s celebrate Balance!

Balance – Equinox is the time when the day and night are of equal length, it is also the start of both Spring and Autumn. In the virtual world we can mix all things together, so we can have bats flying down to sip the nectar from the new spring flowers in the daytime, or autumn leaves transforming into butterflies at night. As always our only limitation is our imagination.

Spread the word about BURN2 Burnal Equinox 2015: Balance and come over this weekend. :)

BURN2 – Burnal Equinox 2015

The 2015 BURN2 Burnal Equinox event in Second Life will be held from Friday 27th through Sunday 29th March 2015. The theme for this year is Balance and it’s going to be fantastic this year. BURN2 is community supported (since 2010) and the event will take place on the Burning Man regions inworld. Every year it gets better and better.

For the latest news on BURN2 in Second Life, visit: burn2.org

If you would like to volunteer for BURN2 – Burnal Equinox 2015 then you will need to fill out a request form ASAP. All are welcome to apply! :)

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity and please spread the word! :)

Today is BURN2 Caravansary Grand Opening Day

It’s grand opening day! 

BURN2 2014

BURN2 Caravansary 2014 opens officially today at 12pm SLT/PDT in Second Life through until Sunday 28th October at 11:30pm SLT/PDT. This year it’s going to be the best ever and bigger than before!

The annual event will take place at the Burning Man regions in Second Life as usual and again it’s resident community supported for the 4th year running. As many know BURN2 is an extension of the Burning Man festival in real life and it’s all virtual in Second Life. This year there will be a caravansary that occupies the crossroads of a dreamland with many exciting places to explore and discover. There will be live performances, live shows, lamplighters, rangers, greeters, fire and much more.

BURN2 Caravansary Theme

This year, we will create a caravansary that occupies the crossroads of a dreamland: a bazaar of the bizarre, wherein treasures of every sort, from every land and age, flow in and out to be flaunted, lost, exploited and discovered. This is not a tourist destination, but a home for travelers who come here bearing gifts. Amid the twisting and the turnings of its souk, participants will come upon an inexhaustible array of teeming goods and unexpected services.

Anyone may pose as ‘merchant’ here, and anyone may play a ‘customer’, but nothing in this strange emporium shall have a purchase price — no quid, no pro, no quo — no trade at all will be allowed in this ambiguous arcade. According to a rule of desert hospitality, the only thing of value in this ‘marketplace’ will be one’s interaction with a fellow being.

Our desert inn will also be a scene of luxury and cultivated ease. An apron of fine carpets will spread out beneath the shade of portals that surround a courtyard. Here, travel-wearied pilgrims may relax, inventing pastimes as they watch the whirling world go by.

Workers of great wonders will be welcome here; fakirs, dancers, sadhus, seers and potentates will throng through this performance space, like figures that adorn the fabric of a silk brocade. The sounds of finger cymbals, chimes, and music of acoustic instruments will fill the air.

By night, bathed in the lambent glow of lanterns gently swaying overhead, fire spinners will perform around the Burning Man. This year’s Man will rise directly from the desert floor and tower many stories high. Its massive torso will evoke a tiered pagoda; its ornate head will be a lamp that welcomes people home.

Bystanders become participants; participants share in the burning, spinning cacophony on the virtual Playa.

Will you be attending BURN2 Caravansary 2014 in Second Life ?

Dates announced for BURN2 Caravansary 2014

There is two months to go until the opening of BURN2 Caravansary 2014 in Second Life and this week the key dates have been announced by the BURN2 team. BURN2 is a community supported event and if you are interested in participating, fill out this volunteer form. Volunteering at a big event is a great way to meet new people and ensure that everyone has a great experience.

Important Dates to remember for BURN2 Caravansary 2014:

  • Applications for Juried & Plottery camps closes: 18th August 2014
  • Plot Sales Close; 25th August 2014
  • Building Starts: 3rd September 2014
  • Building/Placement Ends: 13th October 2014
  • BURN2 Opens: 18th October 2014
  • BURN2 Ends: 26th October 2014

About Caravansary

This year, we will create a caravansary that occupies the crossroads of a dreamland: a bazaar of the bizarre, wherein treasures of every sort, from every land and age, flow in and out to be flaunted, lost, exploited and discovered. This is not a tourist destination, but a home for travelers who come here bearing gifts. Amid the twisting and the turnings of its souk, participants will come upon an inexhaustible array of teeming goods and unexpected services.

About BURN2

BURN2 is an extension of the Burning Man festival and community into the world of Second Life. It is an officially sanctioned Burning Man regional event, and the only virtual world event out of more than 100 real world Regional groups, and the only Regional to burn the Man!

Stay Updated

60 days left and counting!

BURN2 2014 builders and artists have been selected

The application process has now closed this year’s BURN2 2014 Burnal Equinox which will take place on 28th March until 30th March 2014 in Second Life. The names were randomly drawn from a ranger hat and here are the winning builders/artists for the Burnal Equinox 2014 – Hotter than Air event 2014.

I would like to say congratulations to all the winners selected below and good luck to all of you. I really hope the event is a success and everyone will come along to enjoy it.

The winners are…

  • Chic Aeon
  • Cinnamon Ghoststar
  • Ginger Lorakeet
  • Giovanna Cerise
  • Herbie Haven
  • Instincta
  • Krummis Blessed
  • maddomxc Umino
  • mongoflex
  • polkamatic feller
  • Qwark Allen
  • Rogue Desmoulins
  • sirhc DeSantis
  • Slatan Dryke
  • St3m Resident
  • veyot resident
  • Yman juran
  • Annevonlinz
  • Aurora Mycano

Poster for BURN2 2014: Burnal Equinox 2014 in Second Life 

BURN2 2014 – Burnal Equinox