Second Life Origins On The Second Life Destination Guide

Check out the Second Life Origins category on the Second Life Destination featuring some of the most popular historical landmarks across the grid. It’s a really useful list of places on there I think from the beta contributor wall, maps of Second Life, the historical museum, the first region in Second Life founded back in 2002 named Da Boom and more.

There are 17 listings on 2 pages worth visiting if you love Second Life history. Most of the places listed I’ve been to and revisited over the years. Baffin Island is one I remember well because I transferred to the main grid back in mid December 2008. It was the welcoming spot for teen residents “graduating” to adulthood based around an library coffee shop at the heart of the region. The grids merged back in January 2011 which was over ten years ago now. The former teen grid regions can be found if you search for Lewis on the Map in Second Life.

It’s amazing to think on 23rd June 2021 Second Life officially turns 18 and that means Second Life will begin it’s adult years very soon. Second Life will hopefully be around for many decades to come so I don’t think there is anything to worry about currently.

Hopefully more historical places will be added to the Second Life Destination Guide in months and years ahead.