Inworld Map Tiles: New Update On Second Life Status Page

New Update

Today Linden Lab have updated the Second Life Status Page with a small update on the issue with the inworld map tiles. The last time the lab updated this section was back on 19th November 2020 and still the Second Life community is waiting for a ETA fix on the issue. The uplift has finished.

The good news is that the lab are working hard now to restore the map tile functionality. Here is the latest update as of 21st January 2021 via the Second Life Status page…


Update – Now that Uplift has finished we are working to restore the map tile functionality. We still do not have an ETA, but please follow this blog for updates and thank you for your patience!
Jan 2111:23 PST


Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until the inworld map tiles is fixed and it’s back to normal again. You Subscribe to the section on the Second Life status page for new updates.