New Linden Project Elemenoh Appears & SLB Regions Arrive On The Grid

New Linden Project Elemenoh

13 new Elemenoh Linden owned regions have arrived on the grid according to the latest new sims report published yesterday (4th March 2018). These new regions are currently closed to the public and it’s unclear if they will be open anytime soon.

The 13th region named “Elemenoh Dev” is just west of the newly added Elemenoh regions on the map. No announcements have been made about these new regions yet so if anything develops i’ll post it on my blog.

Second Life 15th Birthday Regions Arrive – (Update 1) 

21 SLB regions have been added to the grid and it seems work has already started for the upcoming Second Life 15th Birthday due to take place in mid June 2018.

More updates soon.