New Premium Levels Coming Soon

Linden Lab are working on new Premium levels after the successful take-up of Premium Plus. The lab are looking to deploy the first of Premium levels by the end of 2022.

The news came from this week’s web user meeting for reference. Watch the whole meeting here including other Second Life project updates too.

The lab will be making a formal announcement about the new Premium levels (side versions) and what’s included by early November 2022 at the earliest depending on progress of course. In 2023 there could be multiple subscription levels and options to pick from.

Generally speaking more news about Premium levels should be announced by the start of November 2022 (it could be pushed back).

Keep a look out on the Second Life blog and via inworld user group meetings.


The Second Life Premium Plus Community Wishlist

Over the past few months there has been a thread on the Second Life Forums named Premium Plus – What are your must have features and what are you willing to pay for it which is worth following I think (9 pages+ so far).

As many know already the lab are due to announce details about Premium Plus sometime before the end of March 2022 (Q2 2022). It’s been in the works for the past few years or so and Premium Plus has been given the green light as it was mentioned on the 2022 roadmap for Second Life. It says “a new upgrade option with added features and extras“,

I will be surprised if most of these must have features below will be included in the whole package when it launches. We will have to wait and see.

The Community Wishlist….

  • Larger land plots like 2048/4096
  • Cheaper tier prices
  • Lower upload fees & free basic uploads like sounds and images
  • Free name changes or option to change name once a year
  • Bigger weekly allowance (L$500+)
  • The ability to own a homestead without owning a full region
  • More group slots (100 or so)
  • More profile picks
  • Free event listings
  • 24/7 support
  • Ability to share inventory with an alt account
  • Ability to save notecards to hard drive
  • Increased attachment limits and animesh attachments
  • More premium gifts
  • A 2nd Linden Home & increase number of Linden Home claims per day
  • Access to previous last names
  • Transferring Lindens from the dashboard
  • Multiple marketplace stores
  • And the list goes on….

Current Premium Benefits…..

I hope Premium Plus will be worth it for the Second Life community when the lab announces details of it very soon. The pricing of Premium Plus will need to work for Linden Lab and the residents. Basic, Premium & Premium Plus should be the way forward now.

I think most are now waiting to see what Premium Plus will offer everyone with two weeks or less to go. It needs to have the surprise factor along with something new basically.

What do you think Premium Plus should be like ? Feel free to comment below and spread the word.

Second Life Premium Plus Announcement Expected Before End Of March 2022

Reed Linden said today that the lab should be announcing more details about Second Life Premium Plus later this month. It sounds like the lab are ready to finally announce something very soon.

I personally think this will be a big interesting package of new benefits for Premium members. At this point no official details have been published as to the context of it all.

Premium Plus has been pushed back in recent years (uplift etc) until the 2022 roadmap was released. The lab have been working on it and it will be good to see the details of Premium Plus once it becomes official like the content, costs and further additions.

Keep your eyes open for blog announcements later this month. I’m sure we will hear something by the latest before early April 2022.

Linden Lab Is Now Targeting Premium Plus For Q2 2022

During this week’s web user meeting Reed Linden mentioned through voice chat (41:36-42:35) that Linden Lab are now targeting Premium Plus deployment for Q2 2022 (April-June).

This is a big news that it’s happening before the end of the year however it’s a rough timeframe. It may be delayed or it could happen before the summer gets underway.

Reed mentioned that there will be a big roll out at the time of launch which will include things like the content, costs and further additions. There will be a big announcement on Premium Plus at some point this year. Yay.

Hopefully we will hear more about Premium Plus in the next few months. Stay tuned for that.

Second Life Premium Plus Roll Out Delayed Until Late 2020/Early 2021

According to Inara Pey blog today it seems Linden Lab have delayed the roll out of Second Life Premium Plus to late 2020 – early 2021 at the earliest. The reason for the delay is that the lab are focused on the Uplift project and that they feel now is not the right time to roll it out with the current pandemic going on.

This makes perfect sense to me and its a good move to take. Introducing any sort of price raise at this time would be not welcomed when people are struggling.

The plans have now changed for the formal deployment from Grumpity Linden on 12th May.

We have made the decision to delay the deployment of Premium Plus based on two key factors:

  1. We want to be focused on our Uplift project (move to the cloud) and to minimize distraction for our development, QA, and Ops teams. While we’ve laid a lot of groundwork, quite a bit more still remains to finish Premium Plus.
  2. The pandemic has brought a lot of financial uncertainty to people all around the world and we know many of our Residents have been hit hard.

We are very happy that SL has provided an outlet for people where they can connect, escape, engage safely, and earn a living or supplement their income as well. But we also realise that introducing a higher-priced service level in this time would be really ham-handed.

When will Premium Plus become available ? Grumpity goes on the say…

I don’t know that there’s a whole lot more to say. I can’t promise a time line, but early 2021 is reasonable to expect. If we find ourselves in a position to move up that time line, we’ll certainly explore that. Without any actual plans to that effect, we may find, for example, that a different type of service level than Premium Plus is a better offering for the times we find ourselves in come Fall.

The first half of 2021 would be a good time to roll out this out. Hopefully the crisis would be over by then with light at the end of the tunnel.

If however the crisis gets worse I would say it could be delayed further into 2021. It could be the lab rolls out a different type of service level than originally planned.

We will have to wait and see.