Philip Rosedale & Brad Oberwager Talks About High Fidelity and Second Life

On Monday 31st January there was a special pre-recorded edition of Lab Gab with Brad Oberwager and Philip Rosedale hosted by Strawberry Linden which aired from 9am SLT to 10am SLT. Already there has been over 1, 700 views on the Second Life YouTube video (shown above) and there has been some positive comment feedback. Over 300 questions were submitted for this special Lab Gab interview. It’s a really awesome interview with useful information about the future of High Fidelity and Second Life.

Here is a brief summary of the main talking points…

  • Brad views Philip as the “moral compass” of the metaverse right now and that he thinks that Philip has established himself over the years to making things better.
  • Philip says there is a small team at High Fidelity and that they are doing a great job selling spatial audio technology (like clubhouse). Philip new role as “strategic adviser” at Second Life means he is not responsible for day to day decision making but he has meetings with the team with different groups inside the company when they would like help or ideas. Philip is an engineer and a product strategist. Philip will be continuing in a more direct way to be a compass for decisions the lab makes.
  • Philip and Brad met while boat sailing around the bay and they started talking about Linden Lab/Second Life (chatting about selling Second Life).
  • Philip had a lot of concerns when he left as CEO of Linden Lab he wondered if he managed the company correctly. Since the return Philip says it’s nice to come back and not feel any stress. Philip says Second Life is constantly transforming itself and it’s changing all the time.
  • Philip briefly talks about Meta on some of the risks that are out there.
  • Philip said that there was 500 media articles written about Second Life every day back in 2005/2006. Most of them were on paper in those days and now it’s a like an “incredibly powerful moment for all of us in the world”.
  • Brad has now been a co-owner for a year now since he stepped in at the lab. Brad says “Second Life operates so much more closely to the physical world than people think in reality”.
  • Philip says that “we are the original crypto and we were the original nfts”. Brad says there are no plans for crypto, web 3 and nfts.
  • Will Second Life ever have VR capabilities ? Brad: can’t do it basically / Philip: There are Second Life viewers that have VR capabilities and he says that “we shouldn’t do anything with VR in a mainstream way” for at least five years. He thinks that desktop and mobile experiences will continue to dominate what social virtual worlds mean for at least the next five years.
  • What’s next for Second Life in 2022 and beyond ? Brad wants to continue to see “consistent improvement in the experience, the engagement and the number of residents as a metric for how well things are going”.
  • Philip wants “more and more expressive avatars are necessary to get a larger number of people to participate in virtual worlds”. The other thing is “how many people can be in one place at one time?” and he says Second Life is the leader. Virtual worlds on smartphones: Philip says “if virtual worlds are to serve you know billions of people it’ll have to involve smartphones in some fashion”.
  • And there is more!

What are your views on what Philip and Brad said from this interview ? Please share in comments.


Lab Gab Special: Philip Rosedale & Brad Oberwager – 9am PT on 31st January 2022

There will be a special pre-recorded edition of Lab Gab with Philip Rosedale (Philip Linden) Second Life founder / current Strategic Advisor and Brad Oberwager (Oberwolf Linden) Linden Lab Executive Chairman starting at 9am PT on Monday 31st January 2022.

I can’t wait to hear about what Philip and Brad have to say about the big news recently on High Fidelity investing in Second Life, Tilia inc reaching a deal with Unity (Verified Solution Partner) and answering the most popular questions from the Second Life community. There will discussions about Linden Lab and probably what’s coming next on the roadmap.

The official news came via tweet on the official Second Life Twitter page on Saturday 29th January 2022. This is going to be a big show drawing in hundreds of viewers I would imagine.

Please spread the word to your friends and share this on your blogs etc. Thanks 🙂

Good Press Coverage For High Fidelity Investing In Second Life

Over the past week there has been a noticeable amount of good press coverage around the internet about High Fidelity investing in Second Life and the good news on Philip Rosedale (founder of Second Life) is returning to Second Life as a strategic adviser. This is what Second Life strongly needs now going forward is more positive news coverage to grow Second Life out to reach a global audience.

There has been news coverage on Yahoo Finance, VentureBeat, The Verge, TechCrunch, Daily Advent, Axios, ZDNet and more. There will be a Lab Gab special which will be announced either later this week or next week. Stay tuned for that to hear what Philip and Brad has to say about all of this.

There has been good coverage on many Second Life bloggers sites from New World Notes, Inara Pey, SL Newser, Ryan Schultz, Orca Flotta, Mainland London and many more. There was been good discussions on Twitter, Plurk, Facebook etc.

As many know already Philip Rosedale will work with Linden Lab executive chairman Brad Oberwager. The majority of High Fidelity people, some of the money and patents are moving over to Second Life. There has been interesting discussion happening on the Second Life Forums about this investment. The feedback so far is mostly positive from what I am seeing.

In the Linden Lab press release there were some impressive statistics for Second Life now into it’s 19th year of operation. Hopefully Second Life will continue to grow further in 2022 and beyond that.

Now in its 19th year of operation, Second Life has had one of its strongest years ever with a growing user base and booming economy including an annual GDP of $650 million USD with 345 million transactions of virtual goods, real estate, and services. Over 2 billion user-generated assets exist inside Second Life with 8 million unique items sold on its Marketplace.

More news on this will be posted very soon. Lab Gab is the next big thing to watch out for now.

Philip Rosedale Talks About The Beginning Of Second Life And Linden Lab

Strawberry Linden & Philip Rosedale Live on Lab Gab Epsiode 32

On Friday 7th August 2020 Philip Rosedale the founder of Second Life talked with Strawberry Linden about the early origins of Second Life and Linden Lab for almost for a hour. Over 200 viewers watched the live stream on YouTube (with 142 likes) and there was a really good active chat going on during the episode.

Philip talked about hanging out at the new Linden Homes continent, the virus pandemic, the rig, the status of High Fidelity, his Second Life avatar, a little about the Linden Lab acquisition (saying it’s a good thing) and much more.

Ebbe Altberg and other Lindens watched the live stream yesterday among familiar faces that I knew. I personally thought it was a wonderful interview with great stories throughout. I liked Philip’s vision and dreams he had back in the early days (late 1990s+) for Second Life/Linden Lab. I’m glad Second Life survived the last 17 years and it’s made a positive difference for so many people around the world.

Thanks so much Philip Rosedale!

Here is the full episode in case you missed it yesterday morning (SLT).

Hopefully Philip Rosedale will be back on Lab Gab in the near future. It was most fascinating from start to finish.