Stilts Most Popular Choice for Linden Home Themes In 2021

On 5th May I opened a new poll called Which Linden Home Theme Is Your Favourite In 2021? and the final results are in. The most popular choice was Stilts with 53 votes (42.06%) followed by Chalets with 19 votes (15.08%) in second place with Victorian getting just 14 votes (11.11%). I guess this is a quick snapshot of what’s popular right now.

Last year the most popular choice for Linden Home themes was Log Cabins followed by Houseboats in second place then Trailers/Campers in third place. This year Log Cabins, Houseboats and Trailers/Campers have had less of the votes share.

The old Linden Home themes did not do very well at all this year with just one or two votes between them. Last year they came bottom of the poll options. I think Linden Lab needs to either improve the old Linden Home themes, merge the regions together with the new Linden Homes or pull the plug on them.

2021 Poll Results

2020 Poll Results

I will create another poll like this next year to see what’s popular for Linden Home themes.

Patch Linden Talks About Linden Homes At RFL Home & Garden Expo 2021

Patch Linden talks with Saffia

On Wednesday 10th March Patch Linden VP of Product Operations talked with Saffia Widdershins at this year’s RFL Home & Garden Expo 2021 about Linden Homes and much more. The special talk session duration lasts for 1 hour / 22 minutes / 40 seconds and you can watch the full video above for the latest updates.

Patch Linden talked about his work at the lab including testing on the user experience flows (news later this year), Linden Homes (three new themes being worked on), the old Linden Homes and much more. It’s a really interesting interview with some sneak hints on whats coming next from Patch. There was mention about the process and issues on Second Life moving into the cloud.

For those that don’t know the Bellisseria continent is almost connected with the south west part of the Satori continent which is a huge development for Second Life. I can’t wait for the day when its officially connected so everyone can travel between the two continents. See my previous blog post for the latest map developments. This latest batch of new regions will increase the overall main grid region (Linden owned) count later this week.

Linden Homes Newer Updates

  • The next Linden Home theme after Chalets will be previewed at SL18B and most likely be released once the birthday is over. This new theme will blow your socks off and will have unique capabilities according to Patch
  • Chalet homes probably be released in a couple of weeks time (on map the lab have almost connected the continents)
  • Patch’s goal is to have all of the Linden Home themes released by the end of the year (if everything goes smoothly)
  • Passport system will be launching soon for Bellisseria (passport stamping kiosks with custom stamps like get your passport and discover (driver license etc)

Moving To The Cloud

  • Philip Rosedale last worked on the maps system / fix still being worked on since the uplift last year
  • Fixes are going to take time for the various Second Life issues
  • Web search has been a challenge / constant battle with the technology
  • Group chats deploy fix coming soon / most teleporting issues have been solved
  • The lab has a health dashboard to see the latest stats for teleportation (if above 95% = success rate), region crossings and more
  • Report issues via the Second Life Jira


  • 2020 Relay For Life & Fantasy Faire raised alot last year according to Saffia
  • Premium Plus was not the right time to launch last year
  • Having a platform like Second Life the lab cannot be ignored
  • The lab uses Zoom internally etc for video chat meetings

Around the hour mark the session went from normal chat discussion to Q&As.

  • Demo region for Chalets is down
  • Second Life could integrate Philip Rosedale latest project with spatial audio
  • Make Second Life a web based application – the lab are looking at something according to Patch
  • No word on when the Second Life Mobile app is coming
  • VR maybe further down the road for Second Life
  • Extra styles for traditional homes on the roadmap
  • Premium Plus (larger parcels and homes) / land impacts / land impact bonus possible – no idea on when yet
  • Tier land cost increases – not on the roadmap
  • Check/organize Inventory on the Second Life website – it’s possible and a sizeable project to do

Thanks to the Lindens and the Moles for making Second Life better. Yay! 🙂

New Snapshots Of The Old Linden Home Continents

Old Linden Homes land selection page

The old Linden Homes are still worth exploring as there is so much to discover across the continents. These old Linden Homes are still available on the land selection page if you wanted a home in Second Life while the Bellisseria continent is being built.

There are many beautiful areas to live across the old Linden Homes continents from parks, water areas, sandboxes, infohubs, themed areas, underwater areas and much more. Yes, there is alot of empty homes. The lab could make them cheaper or even free so folks can move into them.

It would be lovely if all the old Linden Home continents could merge together and put next to the Bellisseria continent. There would be plenty of choice in terms of themed homes, areas to visit, events and more. One super-massive Linden homes continent on the grid instead of it being spread out all over the place. There is space to do this with some adjustments. 

Just think of the all of the roadways, bridges, docks, water regions/oceans, airports, railways that could all be connected up. 

I hope Linden Lab don’t shut these old Linden Homes down next year or the year after. There are hundreds of nice regions which would deeply impact the overall total amount of main grid regions if it faced closure. The Second Life economy health is at risk here. 

There is huge opportunity here both new Linden Homes and old Linden Homes in the long term. 

Meadowbrook Infohub

Enjoy clean, simple living in one of these California Modern style homes.


Tahoe Infohub

Escape to one of several rustic cabin retreats. Perfect for camping or an outdoorsy getaway.


Elderglen Infohub

Venture forth and behold several fantasy-themed dwellings designed to bring out the adventurer in you.


Shareta Osumai Infohub

Surround yourself with peace, serenity and good fortune in one of several traditional Japanese-style homes.


Nice little areas around the old Linden Homes.

Underwater area at Hiwa

Kabu Bridge

Tahoe Eagle

Katsuo Dock

Poll: Should Linden Lab keep the old Linden homes on the grid ?