Patch Linden gives new update on the release process on the new Linden Homes

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Patch Linden on stage after the live show at SL16B

Patch Linden has just posted up a new update today relating to the release process on the Linden Homes section on the Second Life Forums. Starting today the new Linden Homes will be released one region at a time. The releases will start on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There won’t be any releases during weekends or during holidays apparently. The new Campers & Trailers will be released in one large batch and will be 512 sqm lots. No time has been given when these will become available to the public.

Second Pride 2019_016

Trains are coming to the new continent in the near future which will be linked with the SLRR. The first community events space called Bellissseria Fairgrounds will be used for events happening around the 4th of July. The new area has already got an airstrip, a big statue and soon there will be a new water taxi service set up. New small commercial opportunities may be coming to Bellisseria continent sometime later this year.

See the full thread post below…


I have an update to our release process I want to share with everyone.  As I alluded to here, we are going to try and change our release strategy for a little while to see if a particular process works better for everyone involved, including many of you who have been very patiently waiting for one of the new Linden Homes.   

Many of you have already been witness to the new process unfolding in front of you whether you knew it or not.   Those regions that have been called out in various places such as New Hamsterdam down to SSPE136 (soon to be officially named).  We did this for multiple reasons, mostly in an effort to show all of you some of the process we go through in real-time to make these beautiful new regions come to life, and give a glimpse into the timeline involved.  

Starting today, we’re going to try to release a region’s worth of new Linden Homes on a regular cadence.  We’re aiming to try for a region per every other day, but as we can not control all the factors involved in the lengthy process, we may have some gaps which could last anywhere between a day to several days and especially on the weekends.  This will also mean that I will not update this post with each region release, but keep it for larger release updates, announcements, news, information, etc.

This will be followed by the future initial release of the new Campers & Trailers theme that has also now been revealed here at SL16B.  This release will be large-scale like other releases we have done in the past, and then also potentially follow the release process I’ve outlined above.

Next up, is an area that is going to be our first community events space called the Bellisseria Fairgrounds!  Our vision for this space is to grant communal access to an area that is clear and ready for set-up of an event.  We are going to supply the outlying basic infrastructure which includes water taxi access to the main continent, an airstrip and landing pad.  We will have a scheduling calendar and process in place where the space can be reserved in advance.  The first events already in line for use of this space will be around the 4th of July holiday coming up.  More information to come about how the reservation process will work in the near future.

Spread the word.


First preview of the new Trailer theme at SL16B Spellbound

First Preview

First preview of the new area

Here is the first preview of the new Trailer theme at SL16B Spellbound which looks pretty impressive. As member of the press and greeter I took these snapshots hours before the grand opening to show everyone now it’s past 10am SLT. This new area is still work in progress apparently and the final live regions will be different when it launches sometime this year.

Camping Demo Sign:: Please keep in mind this region is just a PEEK at content that is still a work in progress. The final live regions will be somewhat different and will have some variety built into them just like the previous themes do, but it does give a taste of what is coming.

There are new small Trailers and Campers that surround the water lake with mountains around the outside. There is a dirt road with lovely trees across the region with rocks/wood in certain areas. There is a water tower in the north east corner of the Trailer park. Check out the new Community Center Cabin at the main entrance of the new trailer park.

The Lindens and Moles have done a fantastic job overall for SL16B.

The main entrance
A view across the region towards the main stage
Overlooking the lake
Nice relaxing area
The Camper
Inside look at the Camper
The Trailer
Inside the Trailer

What do you think of the new trailer theme at SL16B ?

There are new Linden homes and houseboats next to the trailer park in the south east corner of the birthday regions.


New Linden Homes Teaser

New houseboats area_001

UPDATE: 7th June: New regions have been added = SSPE89, SSPE90, SSPE105, SSPE106 and SSPE107. Not visible on the map yet. Looks like new houseboats area will be launching soon and a red circle. The empty green space nearby will be used for more new Linden homes.

New Linden Homes area

The new Linden homes development area is starting to take shape on the new Bellisseria continent which is still under construction. These new Linden homes can be found in four joined regions from SSPE71, SSPE72, SSPE73 and SSPE74. There could be as many as 80 new houses which will come available probably sometime this month. No ETA yet.

From the air looking down they look very nice now with the roadways and pathways connected but it’s not finished yet. Patch Linden said this yesterday on Wednesday 5th June 2019…

Wed, Jun 05 2019 8:38:52 AM PDT

Patch Linden: See that region there to the east? (SSPE71 – SSPE74)
Patch Linden: Remember when I said we might try something different?
Patch Linden: Just keep your eyes on that
Patch Linden: We’ve got a little bit of a competition on resources with SL16B right now too, but I promise we’re still working on more

The lab are focused on SL16B which starts in exactly two weeks time so I’ll be surprised if these new Linden homes will be fully ready before then. If they do become available within the next few weeks then I would imagine they sell out pretty fast like the houseboats batch did.

Before (24th May) 

Now (6th June) 

Stay tuned for newer updates soon.

Linden Homes updated covenant starts today

Patch Linden posted a small update today on The New Linden Homes Update thread on the Second Life Forums regarding the Linden Homes covenant and in response to many questions the lab have had on the “commercialism within the new Linden Homes”.

The general message is this “if it feels commercial, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it”. Here is the text of the addition to the updated covenant which comes into effect from today.

The new section….

*Activities and items that could be construed as commercial and for profit by Linden Lab are not permitted in the residential homes and houseboats in Bellisseria.

The small update in full…

Hi everyone, I have a small update for you regarding the Linden Homes covenant today.

This is in response to the many questions we’ve had surrounding forms of commercialism within the new Linden Homes.  The general gist here is: if it feels commercial, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it.  Here is the text of the addition to the covenant which goes into effect today:

Activities and items that could be construed as commercial and for profit by Linden Lab are not permitted in the residential homes and houseboats in Bellisseria.

As a note of clarification and to call out a specific use case example:  If a content creator is using a Linden Home as a display model to feature content they’ve created specifically for a Linden Home, this by itself is ok.  What you may not do is put up signage on the parcel that advertises it, your store, brand, redirect people away from the home for purchases, etc.  You can not sell items off your parcel.  What you can do is direct people to your Linden Home as a demonstrator of your creations from elsewhere (your main store or marketplace listings).  Also, the little cafe/pub type places that have popped up are really awesome and fun, but should also follow the same sorts of guidelines.

We think in spirit, the desire to maintain the community feel of the neighborhood and homes, that this small adjustment to the covenant will help to make things clear that these are homes, not stores or shops.  We have other plans in place to satisfy requests for something like a yard sale, where you could feature Linden Homes add-ons in a communal area already in place, to come soon™.

What do you think of the updated covenant ?