Linden Lab Announces Name Change Updates

On Wednesday 3rd August Linden Lab updated the Name Change service in a “major way”. Basically Premium and Premium Plus subscibers will now benefit from a reduced price for the Name Change service.

Premium Plus subscibers will benefit the most with the lowest cheap fees. Premium Plus comes with a whole lot of benefits from more groups, more land, larger signup bonus, free uploads and much more.

“For just $24.99, you’ll get a whole month of L$650 per week, a L$3000 signup bonus, fully paid-for mainland tier of 2,048sqm, and the ability to join up to 140 groups! Throw in unlimited free uploads of sounds, textures and animations on top of all the standard Premium benefits you already know and love, and we think that’s a heck of a deal”.

Here are the new updated Name Change fees…

  • Basic: US $49.99
  • Premium: US $34.99
  • Premium Plus: $14.99

As of 3rd August everyone can change their Second Life name regardless of the subscription level. This is a huge change after loads of requests from the community over recent months and years. The Last Names suggestion form can be found here.

What do you think of the new update to the prices of the Name Change ?


New Last Names In Second Life!

On 1st March 2022 Linden Lab released more new Last Names in Second Life which are now available. The lab have removed many older Last Names apparently this week. It’s important to note that changing your name includes having a Premium account to do so. See Changing your username FAQ for more information. It costs $39.99 to change a username and Basic account holders are not eligible for a username change. All new accounts are created with the last name of Resident by default.

The lab will continue to add more new Last Names in the months ahead and there is a suggestion form to suggest new last names. Please note that the lab will not be reusing previous legacy last names shown here.

Here are the new Last Names that are available now.

  • Foxpaws
  • Captain
  • Starchild
  • Blep
  • Grumpypants
  • Jackman
  • Kiko
  • Norbert
  • Ayashi
  • Corvinus
  • McGregor
  • Marques
  • Rizzo

Here is the full list of available last names as of Wednesday 2nd March 2022.

Stay tuned for more updates soon on my blog.

New Last Names Options Now Available

Today Linden Lab have announced 7 new Last Name options for purchasing with another three new last name options in honor of Second Life 17th birthday theme.

There will be further updates to the last name options pool in the near future. Last week ten last names were officially retired and they are no longer available for purchase.

Here is the newly updated list of available last names as of 25th June 2020. 

Here is the full blog announcement below…

As we announced last week, ten last names have officially been retired and are no longer available for purchase. 

Today, we are pleased to announce the names replacing them, available as an option for purchase now:


Additionally, three names are being made available for purchase in honor of Second Life’s 17th Birthday theme: 


These three names will be retired in the next round of updates, so if you’re interested, be sure to grab them while they’re available!

We will continue to make additional updates to the available last name pool, so if these options aren’t for you, stay tuned for future updates. 

What do you think of these last name options ?

Last Names Launching In A Matter Of Weeks

Ebbe Altberg CEO of Linden Lab has said this week on Twitter that we can expect to see last names launch in a matter of weeks. Not months. It’s very close apparently.

The lab could be launching this around the Easter period at best estimates. Probably more likely before the end of April 2020. Anything later than that is not good enough.


More updates soon.

Last Names Update – Still No ETA On Roll Out

There is still no confirmation on when Last Names will be rolled out.

It will apparently roll out when the remaining blockers are fixed. Progress is being made. I would imagine the lab will probably announce it on the official Second Life blog within the next month or so.

There were 2, 300 entrants & to up 6, 900 names to sort through. Winners will be announced very soon is what I’m hearing.

I will blog more when updates become available. Stay tuned.

Linden Lab “not quite ready to release” details yet on the Name Changes feature

On 1st October Linden Lab posted a small update on the long awaited Name Changes feature saying the teams at the lab have been working hard preparing the grid and all of the systems to accommodate account name changes. It looks like the lab are going to give everyone the ability to change their First and Last names which is rather interesting. The lab points out in the blog post that they are “not quite ready to release” details yet on Name Changes feature.

Second, we’re extremely pleased to say that in the last month we’ve made significant progress in laying the foundations for the long-awaited Name Changes feature.  All of our teams have been working hard on preparing the grid and all of our systems to accommodate account name changes, both first and last. We’re not quite ready to release all the details yet, but suffice to say that if you’ve ever wanted to change up your account name for whatever reason (and we know you have!) STAY TUNED.

Hopefully the lab will publish details on the Name Changes feature before the end of 2019. Ideally christmas time would be a nice time to roll this out.

Web User Group Update

The next Web User Group meeting will be at 2pm SLT on Wednesday 2nd October at the usual meeting area.

Back-end Changes Update

The lab have been spending time making on-going back end changes to Second Life. Yay! 🙂

First, we need to acknowledge that a large portion of our time has been spent making on-going back-end changes that our Residents may never notice directly, but which will provide a much more secure and pleasant experience for all going forward. For example, we’ve already completed a full-scale migration of multiple web services away from our dedicated hardware colo and into the cloud. Others have been moved from third-party vendors to an in-house implementation. Still, others have been decoupled from their previous dependencies into stand-alone services. This is all part of our long term plan to move all of our services, from the web properties to the Second Life grid itself, providing us greater reliability, flexibility, and security across the board. We’ll let you try to guess which services have already been migrated – we’re betting you’ll never know the difference!

Marketplace Experience 

The lab have been continuing to improve the Second Life Marketplace experience. Recently the lab released the new Store Managers functionality,  gifts received page and a new feature for Merchants for when items are sold.

Finally, our continuing dedication to improving the Marketplace experience continues. Last month we were very excited to release the new Store Managers functionality. And this month, we’ve been refining that experience, as well as adding more new features for Merchants such as in-world messaging when an item is sold. But we haven’t forgotten the most important part of the Marketplace, the customers! For them, we’ve added a “Gifts Received” page with details about what the items are, who sold it, who bought it, any gift message, with much-requested options for self-service redelivery!

All of this on top of our usual laundry list of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, security updates, and general troubleshooting. Whew!

It’s been a heck of a September, and this post is only scratching the surface of what we’ve done and what we’re planning for October through the end of the year, so come on by the Web User Group meeting this Wednesday at 14:00 SLT to share your thoughts and to hear ours!

I like the sound of all these changes the lab are making to make Second Life even better.