Weekly Inworld Review show, Sundays from 12pm SLT

For those that are interested in the latest Second Life, OpenSim, the hypergrid and more then I strongly recommend you should watch the weekly Inworld Review show. The weekly shows air on Sundays from 12pm SLT on the Real Virtualities Livestream channel.

Malburns Writer and Tara Yeats have hosted the show for many years and it’s been a huge success. I have enjoyed listening over the years and I hope the show will continue for many more years to come.

Spread the word! 🙂

Brooke (Saiman) Denimore has passed away

Nikki Mathieson shared some very sad news today in the Relay For Life Volunteers group in Second Life that Brooke (Saiman) Denimore has sadly passed away. After 2 weeks of being diagnosed with stage 4 of breast cancer, she lost her battle on Saturday 15th February 2014.

Brooke was on the Pure Heart team in Second Life and relayed for Relay For Life of Second Life for a long time. She also became a DJ in Second Life over the years. Brooke will be missed deeply by the relay for life community in Second Life. She will never be forgotten.

See group notice below…

Group Notice Sent by: Nikki Mathieson
News about one of our family
Hello Relay family, I need to let you know that I got word last night that Brooke (Saiman) Denimore, 2 wks after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, lost her battle on Feb 15th. Brooke relayed with us for a long time and was on the Pure Heart team, as many of you know. She loved Relay and her friends, in SL, knew to look for our group to let us know.
Our hearts go out to her partner Zach and all her friends and Relay family. We’ll remember her throughout the season and fight back even harder.

Very sad news 😦

Big changes to Metaverse Week in review 2013

After five and a half years since the first broadcast via operator 11 of Metaverse Week in review the main hosts of the show have announced this week that the show is changing completely. The show for many years have been broadcasted through livestream which works better for recording etc on Sunday afternoons SLT.

Metaverse Week in Review is a live videocast co-hosted by Mal Burns and Tara Yeats every Sunday at 12pm SL time/8pm UK time. Presented at Operator 11 (www.operator11.com), this live show looks at events and news from the week in Second Life and other developing virtual worlds. Mal & Tara are joined by an assortment of guests from the metaverse.


The NEW format of Metaverse Week in review:

  • Mal Burns & Tara introduction to the show
  • Part 1: Inworld review (sl news and virtual news)
  • Part 2: Recorded best clips (playlist)
  • Part 3: Google Hangouts (facetime)

The OLD format of Metaverse Week in review:

  • Introductions (review of the news)  from Mal Burns/Tara
  • Featured Clips
  • Recap

Do you like the new format of the show ? Please comment!