Islandz announces pricing and packages

New pricing layout

Elenia Llewellyn announced some updates on the Islandz pricing and packages mid this week. Over the past couple of months there has been discussions behind the scenes to look at the possible options that could be available. Check out the pricing layout above.

Here is the full blog post about the pricing…

We’ve had quite a while to look at our options in pricing and packages for Islandz over the last couple of months, and we’ve had a lot of questions as well. We’ve come up with a considerable amount of packages available, while keeping in mind we wanted to lower pricing at the same time.

First thing to note, is that these packages are an entire machine. From an inventory standpoint, this makes far more sense to us than the dedicated server system we had before. When someone would leave, we’d take down their region, but we’d have an empty slot that was not producing monies for the machine. Now, if someone leaves, we remove their regions, shut down the machine, and we’re no longer paying for it. 

Second thing to note, we have way more flexibility than ever before with our packages and pricing. For example, let’s say you wish to have a region for a weekend event. We can in the future, set these up for someone based on an hourly rate, rather than a monthly rate. 

Third and final note, we are not posting these to tell OAR region holders they have to buy a region to get their OARS. We’ve had interest in the pricing obviously, but also interest from people to have a region to play around in while we finish off the OAR loading command. That work is ongoing while we scan the OARS for the assets, which will be needed for the OAR load command to function properly. That said, if you are an OAR region holder waiting for your OAR file(s), we will be more than happy to work with you in scheduling OAR loading so you don’t lose anything current. It will be up to YOUR schedule of when we do the loading. For the rest of the OARS we need to load, more info will be coming in the next week or two.

The final part of the blog post reads..

There are a couple of packages beyond the listing above that are more geared towards landlords, which gives them a nice discount. 

I hope this ends some of the confusion surrounding what is still in place vs what is not, and how we’re structuring this. Do note, my only real concern in pricing is the Lite Package as I see it as a large increase from our Scenics which is why I’m considering making it cooperative, so the cost doesn’t fall totally on the user. And while 2×2’s are now at $99 per set of 4 instead of $85, the configuration is anyway you want it on those 4 regions. They do not have to be touching, they do not have to be in a square, you can place them however you like. You can have one neighboring a friend, and three as a cluster. Or not. This is totally up to you now. 

I wish everyone a really great day, and I’ll be watching the comments for suggestions and thoughts!

ETA: We added the lighter Lite-4 option, changed the pricing on Silver-4 (also it’s name to be more in align with the packages), changed the names on the packages for Gold, and added the Gold-20 package. Also added the last 2 packages that were not listed before.

2nd ETA: Due to typo, we changed the Standard package from $49 to $39.

Islandz welcome area

Islandz Stats Update – (22nd December 2018) 

In the last few weeks the grid numbers in terms of existing residents opting in and new regions have been growing steadily. New registrations are still closed at the moment. The Islandz website is still under going maintenance work. There is still more work left to do apparently.

  • Users Registered: 802
  • Total Regions: 38 

Not long until the big 1, 000 users registered will be reached.

A nice christmas tree

Islandz Grid Comes Online

New Islandz Welcome Area with various freebies 

Since Wednesday 14th November 2018 the new Islandz grid has been up and running. So far there are 282 total users that have registered and that number is growing every day. The Islandz grid has only ten regions online and that’s expected to rise in the weeks ahead.

Well, it’s taken a while, but we’ve finally managed to get to the point where we can open our doors to show our residents that we are indeed alive and well! 

First, let me thank everyone for their hard work, their patience and their determination to help us see this through. Without you, we would never have gotten this far! I’ve watched our community be absolutely amazing, stunning, graceful, patient and so helpful to the myriad of questions from so many.

All former InWorldz residents can log in here with their former avatar name and password. New residents are going to have to wait a little longer to join the grid while maintenance is still on going.

Elenia Llewellyn made an official announcement about the Islandz grid opening a few days ago which is worth reading.

Preview of the Islandz Welcome Area

Islandz Map
Bar Area
Sandbox Area
Stage Area

I will post more updates soon.

UPDATE 3: Logins Now Working / New Islandz Website Comes Online


Latest Updates

UPDATE 3: 16th November 2018

Islandz servers are up and running 

Islandz login

First preview of the new Islandz Welcome Area

Islandz welcome area_002

UPDATE 2: All former InWorldz residents can now opt-in below in order to enter the new Islandz grid.

UPDATE 1: 14th November 2018

GREAT NEWS! Islandz servers will allow logins starting November 14, at 3pm Islandz time (Pacific time)


The new Islandz website is now up and running this week. It’s important to note that the Islandz website is still under development and some key features are not available yet.

It’s estimated that the new Islandz grid may be opening within the next few days or so which will be great news. Apparently accounts and logins are expected very soon. Registrations for new users are currently closed until the email and new inventory skeleton creation has been connected up with it successfully.

In the meantime it’s recommended for everyone to download the new Islandz viewer from the downloads page. You can use the Firestorm viewer if you prefer too. It’s worth reading the FAQ before you get started on the Islandz grid for some useful information.

The long wait is almost over. It’s good to hear that things are coming along nicely now and the big launch is just days away. Elenia Llewellyn and Jim Tarber have worked so hard in the past three months or so to build this new grid from the ground up after the closure of the former InWorldz grid back in the summer.

The new Islandz viewer > version > Islandz 1.0.0 (41497)

Islandz Login Screen Page

More updates soon.