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Firestorm Viewer Released

On 8th August Firestorm released a new update viewer ( which brings it up to date with the Linden Lab viewer release 4.0.6 codebase with many long-awaited features and bug fixes. The Firestorm team mentioned in the blog post that this is the first release where you won’t need to perform a clean install of the Firestorm viewer.

The big news is that this new release comes with new rendering complexity controls (JellyDolls) that lets you prevent expensive avatars from lagging you in Second Life. Also custom graphics presets and the http project has been added to this latest release. Yay! 🙂

Here are some of the highlights from this new update release and it’s worth checking out the release notes page for a complete list of the changes.

Linden Lab-Specific Highlights

Fully merged up to Linden Lab’s current release 4.0.6 codebase plus some cherry-picked fixes from upstream. Version 4.7.9 includes the following new features from the Linden Lab viewer:

  • Quick Graphics — custom graphics presets. The Quick Graphics feature lets you save optimal graphics presets for all different occasions and quickly switch between them using a new top-bar pulldown.
  • JellyDolls — avatar rendering complexity controls. A new Avatar Maximum Complexity control found in graphics preferences lets you prevent expensive avatars from lagging you.
  • The HTTP Project — a complete replacement of the under-the-hood HTTP infrastructure. They provide improved performance and stability, resulting in fewer problems with high-volume operations like loading inventory.

Firestorm-Specific Highlights:

  • KDU updated to version 7.8,
  • RLVa updated to v2.0 — http://catznip.com/index.php/RLVa_2.0_Release_Notes. The main changes in this update are:
    • Added RLV 2.9 camera commands/restrictions (vision spheres not yet included due to time constraints but coming soon!).
    • Formalized documentation of the nine existing RLVa-specific commands and restrictions
    • Added five general new commands, 12 new camera-related commands and 14 extensions to existing commands.
    • Fixed a number of issues relating to folder locks (@unshared/sharedwear/detachthis/etc.).
    • Creators/scripters, please read the full release notes athttp://catznip.com/index.php/RLVa_2.0_Release_Notes.
  • For photographers — new option to disable default eye movements and blinking.
  • For builders — new option to show parcel boundary lines when building above ground level.
  • For combat — avatar hitboxes are now colored in the same color as on the minimap to distinguish between  friendlies and enemies.
  • Inventory — new filter to search inventory items by transferable permission.
  • UI — new look to the pie menu and login screen.
  • Windlight — the cloud density setting now updates correctly, resulting in better-looking clouds.
  • OpenSim — increased the maximum sound length to 60 seconds; improvements to var region handling, fixed IZURLs in Inworldz.
  • Many crashes fixes, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Spread the word about the new version of the popular Firestorm Viewer! 🙂


Firestorm Viewer version 4.7.1 will be blocked on 7th January 2016

Jessica Lyon who is the project manager of the Phoenix Firestorm Project announced on 4th January 2016 that Firestorm Viewer version 4.7.1 will be blocked on 7th January 2016. The 3 version rule commitment to Linden Lab will be continuing throughout 2016.

Version 4.6.9 will be blocked after the next release, so it’s best to stay updated with the latest Firestorm Viewer version.

As mentioned during our latest update and keeping with our 3 version rule commitment to LL, we will be applying a block to version 4.7.1 Public Beta on January 7th. This will leave only version 4.6.9 available to Windows XP / Mac 10.6 users, and that will be blocked after our upcoming release. If you are still on Win XP or Mac 10.6, please update your operating system now!

Useful Firestorm Viewer Links

Firestorm historical snapshots from the past

Firestorm has just reached it’s 5th anniversary in Second Life this week and over the years I have taken many snapshots of Firestorm viewer. I think this is a good time to look back at historical snapshots of the viewer since 2011.

Firestorm Beta 2

Firestorm Beta 2 – 6th July 2011

Firestorm Support Region

New Firestorm Support regions – 26th August 2012

Firestorm no.1 viewer 2012

Firestorm number 1 viewer in 2012 – 4th September 2012

Firestorm Viewer Homepage

Revamped Firestorm Viewer Homepage – 5th January 2013

Firestorm turns 3

Firestorm 3rd anniversary – 4th September 2013

The Firestorm team and the Lindens

The Firestorm team and the Lindens – 2nd July 2014

Firestorm 5th anniversary celebrations_002

Firestorm 5th anniversary celebrations – 3rd September 2015

Firestorm 5th anniversary celebrations & Community Gateways are returning

Firestorm 5th anniversary celebrations

Firestorm 5th anniversary celebrations

Happy 5th Anniversary Firestorm

Today marks Firestorm’s 5th anniversary celebrations and there is a huge party happening now to celebrate the amazing success over the past 5 years. There are around 140+ avatars over at the Firestorm regions having a great time and the party goes on until late evening (SLT) today.

Join us today as we celebrate crossing into our 5th year of providing the most popular viewer in Second Life and virtual worlds! Five years we’ve been together as a team developing and supporting first the Phoenix Viewer and then the Firestorm Viewer used in Second Life and on other grids. It is a testament to the character of each individual on the team as they have all donated their time on a volunteer basis to provide the best experience possible for our end users.

Firestorm is still one of the most popular viewers in Second Life and continues to offer great service to the end-user. At the party you will find awesome collectible gifts such as KittyCats, Fennux Breedables and Desert Morning Motors.

Community Gateways Are Returning

The Community Gateway programme is set to return to Second Life and this is really exciting news to hear that it’s coming back. The programme was stopped back in August 2010 which allowed communities help new users go through their own orientation systems.

At the end of July Inara Pey talked with Patch Linden about Community Gateways and there is good news from this discussion. According to Patch Linden the lab will be bringing back Community Gateways as a test to start of with then it may become more mainstream after that. This will be based on the positive feedback received and there are 20 gateways currently in discussions. At the moment the lab wants to take an organic approach to re-establishing things.

The plan is to allow gateway creators to help bring in users and for new registrant would begin their time in Second Life in the experience that matches their interest instead of Learning Island. It’s not yet ready for launch but the lab will be announcing more details about this in the near future.

Firestorm Team invited

The Firestorm team has been invited to the new Community Gateways programme and there will be five regions with the new user experience on them. The grand opening will be happening soon as the regions are currently under construction.

Firestorm will be revamping their website soon to allow for it to be linked with the Second Life new user registration process. New users will be able to sign up to Second Life and log into the Firestorm new user experience from the Firestorm website.

The new user experience will be including an airport for flying, water space with boats and an underwater scuba adventure area. A sandbox for building, a social area to hang out, an amphitheater and a Q&A event area with much more planned.

Firestorm 5th anniversary celebrations_003

Spread the word about Firestorm’s 5th anniversary celebrations 🙂