Avination Community Meeting on 1st March 2013

The latest news from Avination OpenSim grid is that there will be a big community meeting at the Avination Civic Center starting at 1pm AVN (PST-1pm, GMT-9pm, CET-10pm). The community meeting will be held on Friday 1st March 2013 and monthly meetings will now resume. That’s good news for those that want to stay updated on the Avination grid developments. I joined Avination on 17/1/2012 and I enjoy logging into the grid on a reqular basis. 🙂

Avination Civic Center

Avination Civic Center 2013

  • I went over to visit the Civic Center today and its a really nice meeting spot I think on a beach sim. 

There will be updates on upcoming new developments and new features during this community meeting.

Avination Login Stats 2013 

Avination Stats

  • (Snapshot above was taken at 2pm SLT on 24th February 2013)

Avination New Resident Welcome Area 2013

Avination New Resident Welcome Area 2013

  • The main entry point to Avination grid.

Have you joined Avination grid yet? 

Happy 2nd Birthday Avination Grid

Happy 2nd Birthday Avination Grid 

After weeks of planning and setting up its finally time to celebrate 2 years of Avination this weekend. AVN2B starts Friday 24th until Sunday 26th August 2012 which is going to be fantastic. Teleport to the AVN2B sim to enjoy the weekend birthday celebrations including DJ live music, theme park rides, a sim maze and birthday gifts. More details about the AVN2B birthday see below…

Celebrate with us our future! Join us for the long weekend of Avination’s second birthday from Friday August 24 until Sunday August 26.

At our special birthday Sim AVN2B DJs and live artists awaiting you as well as many creators and merchants. Have a ride at one of Judy Muircastle’s famous Hobo-Park carousels, or explore the even bigger and much more difficult maze. Many items have been hidden by the dedicated team of residents, mentors and A-Team members for you to find. (All skeletons from lost builders have been removed or hidden, so no worries, it’s save for you to enjoy)

But this is not all! Go continental and enjoy one of the parties at Southern Bay or Southern Nights as well as AviCon and Unity Green. Stars like BGSinger Hermit, Kobie O’Hanlon, DJane Melanie Milland and also CelticMaidenWarrior.

Be sure to also visit our Welcome Sim and try the jetskis, proudly sponsored by Crowley Corp. Many thanks to James Young and Hisense Criss for their great work

Visit the Sim Neschan where Cartier Attenborough will lead you deep into a mystic oriental world, unmatched anywhere in virtual worlds. Have a look at our role play sims Gondor and Vampire Bay. Do not forget Otaku zone and take care of the Zombies. Just have fun and stay tuned for news here.

And last but not least let us celebrate all the residents and builders, the dedicated team of CFF, Judy Muircastle, Sheila and Gord Devonshire, Suz Blessed and Digital Digital, all our Mentors and the A-Team as well.

The Avination Management

The birthday MOTD on Avination login screen.

AVN2B birthday starts next weekend

Avination will be celebrating 2 years of fun and achievements next weekend. The 2nd birthday celebrations will start on Friday 24th until Sunday 26th August 2012 which is going to bigger than ever before. Final preparation are being made to the birthday sims and i’m now looking forward to AVN2B birthday weekend.

There are three regions for Avination 2nd birthday celebrations…

  • AVN1B – Region from the last first birthday 
  • aMAZEing – Large maze filing the whole region
  • AVN2B – Region featuring a big fairground and more nice areas

Sneak preview of the AVN2B island.

Sneak preview of the aMAZing region.

Sneak preview of the AVN1B region.


New Upcoming Event

There is another big event coming up for Avination grid which is the Gran Carnival Celebration which will be taking place from 8am PDT on Saturday 18th August 2012. Features: Fashion Shows from the Avination Top Fashion Designer, Special Guest DJs, Contests, Artists from all over the world.

Logging into Avination

I signed up to Avination today which is a OpenSim grid which offers a unique virtual experience for everyone. I went ahead and downloaded the Avination viewer which was 54.9MB, running version 1.5.8 on Windows 7. Avination is completely free and has 592 regions at the moment.

I read today via Twitter that Avination has raised the prim limit to 45, 000 on a sim which is rather cool news. Another cool stat today I found out via Twitter is that according to Neatstat.com, Avination.com is worth $6,541 USD.

The Setup – Avination being installed.

The signup process was really good and fast to do. I liked at the end of the signup process I could choose the starting destination to start like (Tutorial Island, Welcome area or Roleplay area). When I completed the 7 step registration I had to verify my email.  I had to accept the terms and conditions to activate my account. Yay!

“You have successfully registered your character. We have sent an email with a verification link to your email address. Click on the link in the email to complete the verification process and start playing.”

A nice orange/white Avination icon on my desktop.

Opening up the Avination login screen.

  • 43, 787 registered users so far
  • 3, 226 unique logins in the last 30 days
  • 592 total regions so far

Tutorial Island arrival 

It took a few moments to log into Tutorial Island then I started to walk around for abit before visiting other interesting destinations in Search. It was rather strange using viewer 1 interface again after using viewer 3/TPVs for a long time. I noticed it was rather empty on Tutorial Island and on  Welcome island during the afternoon. However I did meet two friendly residents one who was a staff member of Avination and the other was a Mentor. The world seems stable and I didn’t get any lag at all. Yay!

Welcome Area arrival 

I enjoyed my first visit to Avination in Opensim and I will log in regular to explore more in the coming days/weeks/months. 🙂

View my Avination Snapshots here.