Its my 17th Birthday Today

Happy Birthday to me, I’m going to have a big party and go out somewhere to celebrate wooot! today. Also this means I have 1 year today before i’ll be transferring to the Main Grid when I turn 18 which will be a big one i’m sure!

In Teen Second Life I will be hanging out and having fun with friends haha, with my santa avatar “its Santa” some residents say hehe.


DIDI 1st Selection Panel Presentation

I’m currently involved in taking part in a Teen Second Life Venture at DIDI Sim my venture is called Beat Bullying Venture. Myself and my other group members had about 10 minutes to present our venture to the panel :). We had a powerpoint set up to show the panel while doing our speeches which was excellent. After our speeches we had a quick fire round of questions that went well then said our goodbyes, Waiting for the results for our venture hopefully it will be a good outcome :P.

About Me in Teen Second Life

Hello I’m Daniel Voyager in Teen Second Life I play alot during the week and loves taking snapshots in world and volunteering around the grid. I am Manager of many groups in Teen Second Life such as TSL Greeters and Eye4you groups yay :P. I am good at building, scripting, helping, volunteering and loves exploring.

Feel free to give me a IM I will always be able around haha.