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Many of you already know about TSL Journal is all about however some do not know about it, The TSL Journal is where you can send news if you see news happening in Teen Second Life it goes straight to the TSL Journal HQ.

How do I send it in?

  1. Write a story or two – Make it exciting, fun, easy to understand it etc!
  2. TSL Journal will be used for the latest news, upcoming events, reviews etc
  3. If you would like to become a writer and get your stories posted please send a e-mail to the following below
  4. Please send an email to
  5. Most stories are accepted and if you would like to write an opinion please email it to
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New SL Dazzle Client (

 New SL Dazzle Client (

The New Second Life Dazzle First Look viewer offers a cleaner, more modernized look and feel to the viewer interface. Try it out today!

What is a First Look Viewer?

First Look Viewers are test versions of the Second Life viewer. These viewers connect to the main grid, so that you can test it in your everyday Second Life. These are test viewers connecting to the live grid which means everything you do is for real.  


Snapshots of Dazzle (Click Here)

For more information about SL Dazzle (Click Here) > Info, FAQ etc

My Blog Development – Update 1

Throughout this year I will keep you up-to-date on the latest updates and new pages which I’m adding to the blog! Here is the latest:


  • About Linden Lab > Info about Linden Lab who run SL
  • About TSL > Inside of what Teen Second Life is all about
  • Ajaxlife > A web based SL client – Keep tune for updates
  • Contact Me > Ways in which you can contact me in TSL or RL
  • Join TSL > Info about joining the Virtual World of SL
  • My TSL History > Details about my progress so far in TSL
  • Other Links > Cool internet links
  • Second Life Resources > Tutorials, Guides, Links and More
  • SL Downloads > Download the latest SL clients here
  • SL Economy > Find out more about how SL is growing etc
  • SL Shortcut Keys > Handy keys to use in SL
  • SL Stats > Latest stats, Info, graphs, links and more
  • SL Tutorials > Clothing, Texturing, Videos, Info and more
  • Support Portal > Locations to find support in SL
  • TSL Abbreviations > New ways that you can talk in TSL
  • TSL FAQ > Quick summary of how to’s in TSL
  • TSL History > History of Teen Grid, very interesting
  • TSL News > The very latest news from inside of TSL
  • TSL Office Hours > Come and enjoy a office hour in TSL
  • TSL Projects > The latest happenings
  • TSL Timeline > Learn the behind history of the TG
  • Volunteer in TSL > Apply here to volunteer
  • Who Am I? > Details about me in-world
  • Your Comments? > Suggestions page

New pages adding shortly, pages above do get updated weekly

  • Links Section > TSL resident Blogs, TSL Links, Photo sites shown on right hand side
  • Flickr Images > The very latest images that I take in-world – click on a image to visit my flickr and add me!
  • Your feedback? Feel free to add a comment on any of the pages!

My Flickr Stats – February 2008

Hello Everyone, I have now decided to do my Flickr stats every 2 months plus statistics post once per month which will hopefully be interesting over the months. Thank you very much for the new comments this year and re-visiting my blog etc. Here are My Flickr Stats for February 2008 🙂 > Next stats will be April 2008

 View Counts

Total View Counts: 10,667

Photos: 9,130

Photostream: 1,432

Sets: 87

Collections: 18

Most Viewed Photos – Views

1. The first YAM Meeting > 6,213

2. February Windlight Snapshots > 14

3. STS – 122 Space Shuttle almost time for Launch!!!18

4. February Windlight Snapshots > 15

5. The Tech Museum kick off event > 5

Most Interesting Photos – Views

1. The first YAM Advisory Meeting with teens > 6,213

2. Sydney celebrates the new year 2008 > 73

3. Moon Phrases – December 2007 > 66

4. New Year 2008 Celebrations! > 40

5. Teen Grid Map 2007 > 39

Very interesting stats this month since December 2007, Here is my last post from December 2007 stats if you wish to compare or see the difference (click here).

Been to my Daniel Voyager Flickr yet? or maybe you do know it but you don’t seem to check it often nows your chance, I upload new snapshots from TSL weekly if not then very often.

What are you waiting for…….check it out folks 🙂