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Relay for Life 2012 in SL soon & RFL sims arrive

In a few weeks time the eighth Relay For Life event in Second Life will take place and preparations are underway right now. RFL 2012 takes place on Saturday 14th July through to Sunday 15th July 2012. RFL 2012 this year has 40 sims, many stages and a welcome area. RFL gets bigger and better every year that goes past in Second Life. RFL 2012 theme for this year is Time For A Cure which sounds really good.

Total raised so far for RFL SL 2012 > $298, 485 USD 

I’m looking forward to taking part in RFL 2012 in SL and blogging about the event. 🙂

RFL regions 2012 top half

RFL regions 2012 bottom half

—————- THE CEREMONIES—————–

JULY 14TH 2012:

Opening Ceremony – 10 am – The fun-filled weekend begins!

CELEBRATE – 11 am – The first lap of Relay weekend begins with the celebrate ceremony.  A Survivor/Caregiver honor walk.  Please line the track and celebrate our heroes.

REMEMBER – 9pm – the Luminaria Ceremony –  a solemn reflection with readings and inspirational music; sims are darkened in remembrance of those and their loved ones who have lost their battles to cancer or are still battling it; all are invited to participate.  Please walk the track in silence.

JULY 15TH 2012:

FIGHT BACK -6am-  Pick up your specially made RFL HOPE Cape and Fight Back Flags – available at the Relay Stations,  and join us as we make our fight back pledges to save a life this year -your own, a friends, a family member, or someone you don’t even know yet.  Together we all can FIGHT BACK against cancer.

Closing Ceremony – 10 am – Come to close out our amazing weekend with this closing tribute to what we’ve accomplished and how we will, as ONE big Relay For Life of Second Life team, continue to Fight Back and keep our Hope alive.

History of Relay For Life in Second Life

Less than 2 weeks to go!


Top 10 New Resident Places in Second Life 2012

Check out my top 10 list for New Resident Places 2012 in Second Life. If you are new to Second Life then I highly suggest you visit the newbie destinations below (blue link slurls). These cool new resident places offer useful orientations, tutorials and even volunteers that will be able to help you out start your journey through the SL metaverse.
Spring morning at NCI in Second Life!
  1. NCI Kuula – New Citizens Incorporated – New Player, New Resident, Newbie, Noob, Beginner, Help, Basics, Information, Info, Questions, Freebies, Free Stuff, Clothing, Sandbox, Hangout, Newsstand, Ginny Gremlin Park, Mall, Events, Tutorials, Classes, Class, Education.
  2. the Shelter, Isabel – A Haven for those new and old! While here we ask you follow our rules of no nudity, heavy swearing, or advertising.  Please type ‘rules’ for a notecard on arrival with more specific information.
  3. Caledon Oxbridge University Community Gateway – Help. Lessons. Tutorials. Assistance. Helpers. New. Support.  People Helping People. Free Clothes. Building Area. Mentors. Guide. Guides. New Residents. Learning. Learn. Fun. Activities. The Independent State of Caledon Community Gateway.
  4. Ivory Tower Library of Primitives – A Self-Guided, Self-Paced, Comprehensive Building Tutorial. Library Contacts: Lumiere Noir & Avi Arrow Ask for Help: Avi Arrow, marcov Carter, Mouse Mimistrobell, Lumiere Noir, or Lost Prim.
  5. Helping Haven – A friendly place to come and receive help for your Second Life. We offer a team of voluntary helpers to assist you. Newcomer friendly, freebies, landmarks.
  6. College of Scripting – Scripting Tutorials to program in Linden Language. Feel free to come learn how to Script from over 900 Lessons on 10 floors. Newbie Orientation and learn to Build from our Building Tutorials. Basics of Music,Physics, Logic, Particles, Boolean Algrebra.
  7. Builder’s Brewery – Sandbox & Terraforming Practice.  Learn to build free classes. Supplies for Textures, Scripts, Sculpts, glass, tutorials, lighting and more inside if you need them. Items returned AFTER you leave.
  8. White Tiger Help Island – A commerce help & learning international community. Free shopping at the Medieval Village. Fantasy Learning Garden. Help. Helping. Gifts. Tutorials. Lessons. Classes. Art. Dancing.  Land managers Eoleon Elcano, Treacle Darlandes, Zanyrob Merryman.
  9. Virtual Ability – Home of the Virtual Ability, Inc. orientation, training and information facilities for people with disabilities and chronic illness.
  10. Help Island Public – Help Island Public (HIP) is where Residents can learn anything they want to know about Second Life. There are building and scripting tutorials and information kiosks.

Ready to explore ? You can find hundreds of great landmarks on the Second Life Destination Guide. Check out my Newbies page on my blog for more help resources.

SL8B locations to visit

SL8B areas
SL8B map
SL8B pod location map
Welcome to the tour of SL8B. This will take us around all the exhibits on the eastern side of the field, and will take approximately 30 minutes. You can get off at any point, or hop on a passing pod wherever you like.  TELEPORT 
SL8B other places of interest

Linden Lab deletes pages from the SL wiki

Apparently Linden Lab have been cleaning up the SL wiki in recent days and there is a sense of anger from the SL community. This message appears when you visit the SL wiki at the moment.

Please excuse the dust! We’re cleaning up and reorganizing the Second Life wiki.

Around 80 or so Linden Lab employees and ex-Linden pages have been deleted. It would have been nice if Linden Lab asked around during inworld meetings first and archive the pages like the archived threads on the SL Forums. Removing part of Second Life history is not good at all.

Tateru Nino received a official Linden explanation about the deleted pages from the SL wiki.

“After a careful review of the content, we’ve removed a number of pages from the Second Life wiki as part of an ongoing clean-up effort, designed to make that resource more current, more helpful, and less confusing than it has been in the past. Where appropriate, we’ll move valuable content (relevant tutorials, for example) to other pages.“

Most of the pages did have useful SL information on them and this deletion is a huge blow. The SL wikia you can still find town hall transcripts, Linden profiles and historical Second Life content.

What do you think of the deletion of SL wiki pages ?